Thursday, July 19

Shingo T - The Wannabe Cheongster

My first time into clubbing was after my university graduation.

I was single then and just started work.
Weekday nights are boring, so somehow another geeky friend and I ended up giving clubbing a try.

I haven't took up my dance classes then (though most clubbers are just "random" dancers), so 2nd best thing to do is to just sit there and chill out.

You know, 2 men chatting over some mild vodka lime, while oogling at the sweet young things. We will go there before 10pm just to skip cover charge. Tried acting cool but we obviously looked too goody-two-shoes to camouflage among the other cheongsters.
I even bought a neck chain later, in an effort to look less geeky.

Frankly, the music is loud, and there was too much smoke. I seriously didn't enjoy anything much except for the view. And I have never been a late bird, but on clubbing days, we were home at wee hours. My mum even got a little concerned.

Seeing people over-drinking beyond their limit, it seems kind of pointless for me. Does puking feel good?

Within a few months, I got kinda sick of clubbing ans stopped. Guess its just not the piece of puzzle to fill up my boring life.

I still do go clubbing now and then. With a larger group of friends or colleagues. Its definitely more fun now.

Incidently, clubbing was also the place where I got to know Wifey better and start off the pursuit. Newsroom Bar, I will never forget.

But given a choice, I'll rather settle for a cup of tea at the neighbourhood kopitiam with Joe and the rest and enjoy quiet moments. But clubbing cravings do come, on rare occassions. =p

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