Tuesday, October 24

Back from Thailand

Hi everyone! I'm back from my Thailand trip.

Just a quick summary of our itinery, in case any of you guys are planning to go down too.

Hotel - Thai Cozy House
We bargained for 650 baht/twin room/night for this backpacker's inn on Khao San Road, after bargaining.
The venue is not close to any MRTs, but taxis are dirt cheap. Between two to four singapore dollars for each taxi ride! Woo!
Anyway, I have been to this lodging for the 3rd time liao.
The staff here are friendly, and they know me too.
And it has all the decent facilities in each room - aircon, ur own bathroom with heater, TV (HBO and Star Movies included), and even a refrigerator.

Day 1 (Afternoon) - Khao San Road (4/5)
For tourists.
Khao San Road is a tourist's shopping paradise in the day.

And a cheongster's happening place at nite.
You should be able to find something that interest you here, but note the stuffs sold here are overpriced, which is where you put your bargaining skills to test.
What I normally do is to suggest half the price that they quote, and bargain my way up.
Note that the stalls on the road are NOT opened on Monday.

Day 1 (Night) - Bazaar at Memorial Bridge (4/5)
For locals.
Its by one of the bridge over the Chao Phraya River. This pasar malam is meant for locals, so the things here are cheap.
Shirts like these only cost 99 baht, as opposed to 150 baht on Khao San Road.

Day 2 (Morning + Afternoon) - Pratunam Market + Fashion Mall (5/5)
For locals and tourists.

They sell things wholesale. If you buy 3 pieces, they will sell u for a VERY good price. Wifey and I nearly wiped the market out. ^_^

Day 2 (Night) - Suan Lum Market (3/5)
For tourists.
Its a night version of Chatchuchak. Alot of shops, and nice to walk under the cool night weather.

They have unique things to buy, but refrain from buying. We saw some very hip furnitures.

Day 3 (Morning + Afternoon) - Chatchuchak Market(5/5)
For locals and tourists.
Open only on weekends. This place is a MUST go, because it is BIGGER than Kennysia's coconuts. They sell clothes, pets, sourvenirs, everything.
You name it, they have it.
Its a little crowded and hot though, but almost every Bangkok tourist goes there.

Day 4 (Morning + Afternoon) - Kanchanaburi (3/5)
For tourists.
The only day where we did not go shopping.
Kanchanaburi is a state in Thailand, about 2-3 hours away from Bangkok. We took one of the day tours for 550 baht per person (public van + lunch + tour guide) Went to take a look at the famous bridge over Kwai River. The venue of the Death Railway.

And also went to Sai Yok Noi Waterfall, which is very disappointing.
Guys, go to Erawan Waterfall instead. Its great!

Day 5 (Afternoon + Night) - Siam Square + Mahboonkrong (MBK) + Other Shopping Centres
This is their Orchard Road (4/5).

Thats all for our trip.

Add in Patpong if you will like to take a look at their infamous Thai Girl show (X-rated).

While you are there, try the CHEAP thai messages (not sleazy).
For food, try pad thai (thai fried noodles), choco banana pancake (prata), pork porridge, satay, SWEET pineapples, sour mangos and fried grasshoppers if you dare.
For gals, do buy your Wacoal while you are there. Very much cheaper.

If u guys are going to Thailand and have any questions, leave a comment, and I'll reply.

And do read Joe's blog for his Thailand experience. Damn funny, for a nerd. Muahaha.


Anonymous said...

hello. i would like to know whether chatchuchak is open on friday? (:

Shingo T said...

Hmm... I only go there on weekends, so I am not too sure about this.

Have fun in Thailand! ^_^

Anonymous said...

hahahhaha. alright! interesting blog! do update more(:

Anonymous said...

hahahhaha. alright! interesting blog! do update more(:

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