Friday, October 6

Shingo T - The People's Teacher

I have always love teaching.

I took up Mathematics in NUS because it was the natural thing to do to be a Mathematics teacher, when most of my JC classmates took Engineering and Computer-related degrees, the more "natural" paths for Further Maths students.

If you have read my earlier entries, you will know that teaching was never my first ambition. I only wanted to be a teacher after I was taught by an influential Maths teacher, Miss Choo, during my secondary school. She was very patient at teaching, very motherly and damn good at what she is at. She added this very personal touch to her teaching. She made teaching look like a noble job, a job that will let me have fun, earn me respect, and the so-called mould the nation of brat kids.

At 18, I began my first private tuition. I finally had the chance to fulfill my big dreams in a small sense. Part-time undergraduate, part-time private teacher. I told Papa that he can stop giving me pocket money (except pay for my pager bills and bus stamp). My Ego to be independent was strong, I want to proudly tell my future kids that their limpeh started supporting himself from 18.

I have taught tons of students during the 6-7 years from uni to work. I had fun teaching with most of them. I never dread going for tuition classes, and I can see my students are having fun too while learning.

I adopted Miss Choo's personalized style of teaching and incorporated my own flamboyant, teaching methods. I make it a point for my students to be active, my role is purely supportive. I give practical examples on how the Maths can be used. I tell them plenty of relevant stories, and also stories on working life. I emphasized alot on understanding concepts in a fun way so that they will have minimal formulas to memorise. To them, I was the yaya (arrogant) teacher who can help them do better.

If there is one word that I will describe my teaching, it is the word "alive". No kid feels sleepy in my class, no matter how tired they are. I have calls from many parents asking me to come back to teach their child after months of me not teaching them.

I bring one of my students to arcade too, because he thought he can win me in arcade games. Muahaha. I bring small munchies for them now and then.

Teaching kept my stomach alive during uni days.
Teaching gave me power to control the pace and direction of class.
It taught me confidence and the importance of communication.
It taught me how to teach people more effectively.

When you love a job, it no longer remains a job.
It becomes a money-generating hobby.
Passion and Mr Ego will bring you far.

As Adam Khoo (Author of "Self-Made Millionaire") says, any job that you have passion in will make you tons of money, if you put in >100% effort in it.

If ex-WWE Superstar "The Rock" is well-known for The People's Eyebrow,

and his trademark, The People's Elbow,

then the Rock can kiss my a** because limpeh is The People's Teacher. ^_^
That's what one of my students used to call me.

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my said...

go be a full time tuition teacher. can earn big bucks

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