Monday, April 23

Battle Royale

I got to watched Battle Royale 2 with Wifey yesterday. I'm a big fan of Battle Royale 1, so was pretty excited about how this sequel should be.

A quick preview for those who have not watched BR1, which is considered R-Rated in Singapore. Its about a group of students who were sent to an island. Each of them were given a "weapon" and were supposed to kill each other within a stated number of days. The last boy/girl standing will get to leave the island. Every person for him/herself. The best part are the weapons which they get, from really great ones to the lousy ones (are they even weapons in the first place?).

The Japanese are really creative geniuses. They tend to come up with new plots, unlike the Hollywood counterparts.

Back to BR2, I was pretty much disappointed in this one. Now its the new batch of students sent to an island not to kill each other, but the former winner from BR1, who has since turned into an anti-BR guerilla leader.

It was only than that I realised that this guy was none other than the guy who acted as Light Yagami, the lead in Death Note.

Sigh, BR2 ended up been degraded to a gun-shooting show.

I wanna re-watch BR1 to relieve the great moments.

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si oj said...

i watched the entire battle royale on youtube recently... it's split into 12 parts.

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