Friday, June 1


Mr HonestFace and I were just browsing through our favourite segment in the HR Circular Page.

To see who has recently left the organisation.
To see who has transferred departments.
To see who has joined us.

And I was amazed to see a photo of a newcomer who looked like someone who has been with us. The surnames are different, so it is highly unlikely they are brothers.

Which brings me to hypothesize - Does the almighty God only have a finite set of moulds to carve us out from? Pigeonhole Theory will state that God will have to re-use the moulds if number of people carved > number of moulds available.

Quite often, I have seen people who looked kind of like someone else. Ok, I have never been great at remembering faces.

Recently, Wifey met someone who looked like her primary school friend. Note that Wifey has a VERY vivid memory (which explains why I can't stray), a very visual person. She was almost certain that person is her long-lost friend. But when asked about her primary school, the girl says she was from another school. After that, Wifey and I were having fun speculating after that if the girl was telling the truth and speculate all sorts of crap reasons on why she might be hiding her identity. =p

Ever wonder if there is a Doppleganger that looks like you somewhere in the world? Myths has it that if you are good, then your duplicate half is evil. And vice versa.

Creepy, isn't it?

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