Monday, June 25

Random Notes 19

(1) Due to the recent change in job role, I have gotten quite busy during work hours. The good thing is that I'm finding this to be more rewarding than what I do previously. The bad thing is I'm finding it hard to do a 10 minute blog.

(2) Wedding approaches, and so are the last minute stuffs. Wifey has been reminding me on the stuffs I missed out. One of the great things when the missus is not working - things are in order.

(3) I have realised that inviting people for wedddings is a good way of seeing who your "real" friends are. I'm fine with being turned down, but there are some friends who are finding excuses to delay making a confirmation. Its ok if they do not come, just let me know early.

(4) After our wedding banquet is over, I can proudly claimed Wifey as my wife. Though she is already my wife as we have already signed the dotted line (aka point of no return), I still feel a little "half-married".

(5) Schedules will change after marriage, now that I will be spending time at my home during weekends (instead of hers). More time for mahjong, maybe?

(6) The best thing about getting married early is that with another boulder down my shoulders, I will be able to concentrate on career/business. And of course, a loving wife to return home to after a day long at work.

(7) I'm officially adopting the Law of Attraction. It seems to be working, judging by an event that occured recently. After marriage, I will adopt Allan's Law of Averages.

(8) There has been a sudden surge in the readership of "Cup of Ice". Hmm, don't think there are genuine readers though, based on my tracker.

(9) Only 35% of Singaporeans live beyond 82. But how many are actually senile and healthy? And more importantly, are YOU one of them?

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Chian#7 said...

I'm a genuine reader! No. 1 fan leh...

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