Thursday, July 26

To my children

I like to see myself as a good Dad (minus my addiction to video games).

I want to be a brother to you. A confidante you can relate to.
Be it BGR, money, or even sex, if you are comfortably talking about it, I am too.
My doors to communication are always open.

I want to be a disciplinary master to you so you don't go playing truant, stealing and shoplifting, mixing with the bad company and almost having a police record, like your Papa when he was young.

I want to impart life skills to you - skills you can carry on using forever.
I want to show you the choice mentality (that's my rule of thumb for staying happy), how to get out of the Rat's Race, how to have an open mindset.
And some basic hip hop. Its fun!
And maybe one day, you will motivate others like what I do, but at a bigger forum.

You do not have to get a first class honours like your Papa.
In fact, you can get as much B and C grades, I don't care.
So long as you are happy doing what you love doing, within the limits of the law.

I'm not a big fan of sending you for tons of enrichment courses.
But please, tell me if you want to go for any. ^_^

I do not want you to be me or Mama.
Learn our skills, step out of our shadow and be what you truly are.
Be yourself, love yourself, but always remember there are someone else.

Finally, if you can start blogging from young, like my fellow 7-year old Malysian Misha, that will be lagi best.

Be happy and stay healthy, my little children.
I may not be around to hold your little hand forever, but don't forget what Papa and Mama have taught you.


Afternote: Nope MY, there's no impending good news. Its just a random thought.


Anonymous said...

Are we expecting good news from you liaos?


Anonymous said...

Man, I was doing a random search for pictures and read this exerpt. This was truly inspiring to me. Wow! Awesome man! Completely awesome!

Brad G

Shingo T said...

Not yet.

Brad G:
haha, thanks for leaving a note! Hope you found your pictures somehow. ^_^

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