Sunday, July 29

Random Notes 20

(1) When I first started off "Cup of Ice", I have no idea how far it will take me. Maybe I will stop blogging after half a year or so? Well, its been more than a year liao. Provided my archived entries last forever (does it?), this will serve as a good read to my kids. What was written was from the heart. Thats the kind of person your Papa really is.

(2) After blogging, I have realised how motivated I am after receiving comments. Bloggers who leave their comments on do hope to get comments, thats what I inferred. So I make it a point to comment on blogs that I read. Of course, that is if I have something worth commenting about, as opposed to commenting for the sake of commenting.

(3) My page hits has hit 10,000+. Obviously, the counts are not unique - meaning there are way less than 10,000 different people who have touched down on this site. Someday, just someday, my blog will be interesting enough to get mentions by or

(4) Don't you wonder who really stalks at your blog? Maybe the boss could be reading it. Or someone I least expected? Blogging is like making myself a goldfish in a fishbowl, in the middle of a shopping centre.

(5) Been playing Mahjong for past 3 days, one day with Mr Sniper + wife, and another 2 days with Joe, Momo and Squirtz. Relaxing, and feels like a real reward for the months of wedding preparations we (more of Wifey) had done.

(6) I have received quite a couple of praises for my impromptu wedding speech - from both friends and relatives.. To the guys who helped made me what I am today when it come to presenting in big crowds (you know who you are), thanks for all the help these years. Apologies if I do sound boastful, but I'm never one to hide anything good about me, and any bad things too.

Have a great week ahead, friends!

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H said...

ya.. I like the speech you gave because it sounded very true and from the bottom of your heart. I know u mean every words u said and I wish you a blissful marriage.

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