Monday, August 27

A mere coincidence?

Incident 1:
I watched Ratattatatouille over the weekends with Joe and the rest of the clique. Wifey and myself bought a small popcorn because Cathay was supposed to have yummy caramel popcorns.

Wifey loves dull salty popcorns while I prefer sweet ones. So we always go for mixed flavours.

And because of my incredulous eating speed, I was able to stuff all the sweet popcorns into my big fat mouth, leaving the salty ones for Wifey.

Because the serving wasn't big in the first place, I did kind of wished there was more caramel popcorns. But I guessed it won't be happening - popcorns don't just drop from the sky.

Some time later, someone behind us was trying to get back to her seat but missed a footing and spilled her popcorns to Wifey and the people beside her.

Wifey ended up picking the popcorns on her skirt and passed it to me. And it tasted sweet caramel. A pleasant surprise. ^_^

As the culprit was busy apologising, I can't help but secretly thank her for her generous donations.

Wifey was telling me that even the person beside her was also enjoying the free popcorms as they did not buy any.

Was it mere coincidence?

Law of Attraction states that the object of attraction doesn't have a fixed route to reach you. But it will find its way somehow.

Incident 2:
Though the number of people taking part in major run events are plentiful, I just never had the luck to meet anyone I know. So I told myself that the Sheares Bridge run will be different - I will meet someone I know.

Sniper and Numbernine were at the same run as me, so they were not counted. I know of a few colleagues (including Blinky) who were going for the same run. So maybe they will probably be the guys I will meet.

I kept a close attention on fellow runners to prove myself correct. I took 90 mins to complete the 12km run (I'm slow, but at least I have the balls to give it a try).

Yes, I saw plenty of babes and sweaty army guys, but none are people I knew.

After the run, I had to join the long queue to get the goodie bag, because Wifey sms me this.
"congrats on accomplishing your task! goodie bag! goodie bag! lucky draw? lucky draw?"

And guess what? Someone tap me on the shoulder and I turned my head around to see my cousin, who had came for the 21km half-marathon. ^_^

I spent 90 mins looking high and low for the someone, and he pops out out of nowhere after I have stopped thinking about it.

A mere coincidence?

Law of Attraction says the object of attraction will come despite not having any definite timeframe.

When coincidences arises too often, one can't help but wonder... is it really a random coincidence?

Or Law of Attraction at play?

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