Saturday, August 18

Random Notes 22

(1) Going to for a short 4 day vacation on Monday with Joe and the rest of the clique. Thats 4 days of leave. Ouchy. The next job I look for, I better make sure they have a decent number of leaves. ^_^

(2) One of the basic rules I learnt about webpage making is NEVER to add in background music. As much as you love the tune, your readers may not. And it will overlap with any other music he is listening to, creating a messy tune.
I am almost always listening to dance music when I'm reading blogs. So I make it a point to take out my earphones when surfing the site. My Dance music never go well with love ballads.

(3) Watch this.
Because limpeh ask you to.

Anyway, have a great week ahead, guys!

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