Monday, October 1

Random Notes 23

Limpeh is back from Honeymoon!

(1) 280 office emails to clear, the result of not being in work for the past 3 weeks.

(2) Mr Ghost has quitted the company for another one. All the best to ya, pal.

(3) I have fallen in love with Akon's "I wanna love you" song. Have replayed it like 20 times for the past 2 hours.

(4) My sister shared with me some of the "unusual" things she did while I was away, to create publicity for her business. I'm impressed and am sure she will do well in her venture.

(5) Europe trip was great. We went to the huge Disneyland at Paris.
Will blog more about the whole vacation next time round, including the little encounter I had with the infamous pickpockets there. Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland etc... Anyone want me to post some pics here?


Anonymous said...

Show us the pictures manz!


The Horny Bitch said...

I also wanna go Disneyland!!!!

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