Friday, October 5

Streaming music, anyone?

During my Honeymoon trip at Europe, I spend many nights watching TV, which is something I seldom had the chance to seriously enjoy while I'm in Singapore.

Channels in Italy are mostly in Italian languange, French fo France, German for Germany etc... The only English channels that are consistent on these hotels are CNN and MTV.

Somehow music videos on MTV Channel get repeated after a while, and I got hooked to this cool song called "The way I are", by the cool man, Timbaland (not to be confused with Justin Timberlake). Featuring the wonderful voice of Keri Hilson, the tune is damn catchy, a very danceable song.

I ain't got no money.
I ain't got no car to take you on a date.
I can't even buy you flowers.
But together we can be the perfect soulmate.
Talk to me girl.

Keri Hilson:
Oh, Baby, its alright now
You ain't gotta flaunt for me.
If we go and touch
you can still touch my love, its free.
We can work without the perks just you and me
Thug it out till we get it right.

Isn't the lyrics lovely?

Now coming back to Singapore, I have been listening to the song on Youtube while working on the backlog.

On a side note, can anyone explain to me why downloading is illegal but streaming is not?

But streaming videos is a little slow here on the office network. Does anyone have recommendations for sites with streaming music, without the videos?


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numbernine said...

I'm new to Timbaland, but I think that "Promiscuous Girl" is also a great song.

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