Saturday, November 17


One of my friends brought me to a mini seminar to help him evaluate the investment scheme. I'm far from being any expert for evaluating general business schemes, but I'm very much educated of the Network Marketing (MLM) schemes that exist around the world. I know the tricks, the pros and cons behind various schemes. And that's why he brought me down.

The product in question was an online education business. Like all great marketing talks, there was an enthusiastic, fluent guy (I will refer to him as RS) who was presenting his slides with great confidence. RS was there showing why his business plan showed great promise and benefits.

Online education, according to him was the "next big thing", and his business ties up with the No. 1 and No. 2 of the world's biggest online education company.

Returns are at attractive, all you have to do is to log in a certain number of times per month. Anyway what I felt about the scheme is not the topic of this entry, so I shall not go into more details.

At the end of the talk, after I left, the speaker, RS stopped me and asked if I was from XXXXXX Secondary School. It was later that I realised that RS is actually my schoolmate from the same neighbourhood school. We were from the same batch, but didn't talked much to each other during secondary school years.

Mt former schoolmate is now a founder of a company!

I subsequently looked up the year book of my secondary school for a photo of RS in his heydays. A scrawny-looking young boy in a class of Ah Bengs. Someone from the Arts/Commerce stream, whose results were probably not as good as my classmates in the science stream.

Guess who's having the last laugh now? While my ex-classmates in the science stream are busy working their a** off in their respective organisations, RS has grown to be a confident young man, starting his own company!

I'm still very much impressed by his metamorphosis.
And I wish him well.

About the Author: Shingo T prides himself in being from the same secondary school as Taufik, Singapore's first Singapore Idol. Now if only he can sing that well.

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