Monday, November 19

Pink is not my colour, its blue.

After sending out an email informing my users that I will be passing my sh*t work to my colleagues, I got a reply from an appreciative user.

"Thanks Miss.
Before we know you, you are moving ahead for greener pastures.
All the best wishes and best of health to you and your family. :-P

Warmest regards

About the Author: Shingo T is a guy. Male. Testosterone-filled. And ego-driven. Thank you very much.


The Horny Bitch said...

Mass msg... hahah

Big Bear said...

Your name does sound a little pinkish. =)

So does LJH and maybe mine also!

numbernine said...

this is a diatribe against citizens?

maybe the guy writing this wants to get into your pants.

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