Friday, December 21

Random Notes 25

(1) I am still in the learning stage of my new job. As the company is relatively new, there are still alot of improvements to be made in the way the process flows. Coming from a company where everything was done systematically, this is a happy problem for me.

(2) Is there anything called Home ground advantage in mahjong? Though a firm believer of probability and an anti-luck attributer, I can't help but wonder, going by recent mahjong games.

(3) Wifey's contract job will be ending soon. She gets to be taitai once again. At least until the day she feels like picking up another job. The poor girl can now wake up at 12 noon in a few days time. I wanna be house-husband too. =(

(4) I wanted to send my Malay friend an SMS greeting yesterday for Hari Raya Haji. But I wanted to find out what "Haji" means first , so that I can give a relevant blessing. It is only then that I realised that most of the people I asked do not know what it is. Hmm... they don't teach this in schools?

(5) Joe has told me that the price for a karaoke room on the night of Christmas Eve is a POOKing $800-$1000. Ouch! We decided to change our plans to Momo's house for BBQ instead.

(6) Numbernine is challenging Mr Sniper to an alcohol-drinking competition in a few weeks time. The loser is the one who couldn't draw a straight line after a glass. Interesting way of determining the winner, rather than to see who does the Merlion first. Will be interesting to see who gets "drunk" first.

(7) One of my brothers have made me the trustee of his will. To remind me of what to do in any unfortunate event, he wrote me a detailed email of the procedures. And it ends with the haunting statement "Do a good job or I will come back and look for you."

(8) I wonder how much resolutions I have satisfied for this year. Hmm... offhand, I know I have not attended the Malay course, and did not make it for all the major runs (I missed The New Balance Real Run). The 2007 scorecard is going to look ugly. =(

(9) Christmas is coming. New Year is also coming. 2 good reasons to smile all the way till year end. If you drink, don't drive. Be responsible and keep the roads safe for you and me. This message is proudly brought to you on behalf of Singapore's Traffic Police.

(10) On a side note, are women as turned on by men in uniform, just like how the other way works?

(11) I had a hard time trying to find the Branch Code for my OCBC bank, as requested by my company. If anyone else has the same problem and is sick of googling for results, you can find the list of bank codes and branch codes here.

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Anonymous said...

On (6), are bets allowed? i hope numbernine is training hard...

annoymous veggie

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