Sunday, December 16

The Secret Santa

This Christmas, Joe, Squirtz, and the rest of the clique are having this Secret Santa gift exchange.

In the past few years, we always have this random gift exchange program for Christmas. But the thing about random gifts are that the gifts to be bought have to be generic enough. So many of us ended buying those generic items from Action City or Mini Toons.

Well, I can't be buying a G-String and have Joe getting it!

So we end up giving mini water dispensers, munchies, funny stuffs (like an ass-kissing lip refresher). Presumed most of us didn't exactly get a very fitting gift. But I'm sure we got a kick when it comes to opening the presents. ^_^

The Secret Santa gift exchange allows everyone to draw a name, belonging to one of us (excluding ourselves), so that we can tailor a matching gift for that someone we picked. And its supposed to be secret, so no one knows who each of us is buying for.

I'm left wondering who will be buying something for me (though I'm suspecting someone. =p), and more specifically, what the item is.

The minimum amount for the gift is $15. Which means there is always a possibility that I might be given a $10,000 angpow from whoever is my Secret Santa, if the person has no idea what I want.

Think no further liao, nothing pleases Limpeh more than money. $_$

And I hope my Secret Santa is reading this, whoever he/she is.

Its the season to be jolly.
Banana-nana, nana, nana.

About the Author: Shingo T thinks he know how to get rid of his spare NTUC vouchers at hand.

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The Horny Bitch said...

Buy g-string better than buy dildo and have a man get it.. hahah hm.. but it isn't a bad idea lor!!!

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