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Europe Honeymoon 3 - No ordinary iron tower

If an Italy trip isn't complete without visiting the Tower of Pisa, then the Eiffel Tower is a must for a trip to France.

The Eiffel tower is so damn tall when viewed from close that you won't be able to get a decent picture. And one of the best place to take a photo of the tower is to go on a river cruise on River Seine.

One thing that surprised us on our cruise trip was that along the way, we saw a mini version of the Statue of Liberty on the cruise, with the Eiffel Tower at the backdrop.

Before we wonder if France actually stole the Statue of Liberty from the USA, our tour guide told us that it was ironically the French who actually came up with it in 1886, but presented it to the USA. Well, the French sure didn't expect the statue to be that iconic when they gave it away. After realising their folly, they decided to build one at France too, to let the world know that the French, not the Americans were the genius behind it. Something like that.

Anyway, back to the Eiffel Tower. It is actually a tower made entirely from iron in 1889. Gustave Eiffel was the designer, cum engineer of the tower, and hence the name. According to Wikipedia, the height of the tower is equivalent to 81 levels of a conventional building. Lagi higher than Singapore's Raffles City. Don't play play.

The Eiffel guy had originally wanted to build the tower in Barcelona, Spain. But the Spanish thought it was an expensive white elephant, and thus reject Mr Eiffel. Eiffel subsequently have it built in Paris. It was quite an engineering feat at that time, cos no one knew iron will be so powderful.

After it was finished building, the French people found it an eyesore (just like the Spanish). So it was given a 20-year permit, but it was left to carry on after they realise its a cash cow. $_$ Moooo!!!

This is Limpeh pointing to you what the Eiffel Tower looks like, never mind that almost everyone knows how it looks like.

I swear I look slimmer in person. Weather in France is quite cool at the time I'm there, so I gotta don a thick jacket.

The queue to buy a ticket to go up the tower is terribly long. It beats the Hello Kitty frenzy queue at Singapore McDonalds hands down. There is a lift that takes you up. Alternatively, you can climb the stairs and practise your vertical marathon. Heard it should take at least an hour for the average walker.

AQnd if you ever had the chance to go to Paris, do view the Eiffel towers in both the evening (very the romantic), and at night (also romantic).

Here's a view from the top of the tower in the day.

We love the place so much that Wifey wanna leave her hubby and and be a Eiffel Tower wannabe. ^_^

About the Author: Shingo T thinks Paris is the perfect romantic place to bring all your wives and mistresses for a surprise rendezous.

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