Sunday, February 10

Chinese New Year 2008

A week before Chinese New Year (CNY) is the time to clear the house.
It also serves to remind myself that I haven't been cleaning for ages.
With each item thrown, I knew deep inside, that Wifey will buy something equivalent in space to replace it.

A week before Chinese New Year is the time to top up on CNY goodies and decorate the house with auspicious pictures and words.
Which means a trip down to busy Chinatown to mingle with the crowd and noise - Chinese Style!

Chinese New Year is the time to usher in the good new year with good reunion food and family meals.
And with good food comes plenty of excesses.
And plenty of garbage generated.
And a little bit of sore throats for those who love the tidbits and bak kwa.

Chinese New Year is the time to catch up with relatives and friends.
Something which I did not do as I was on the way to KL for a break.
A hi to my clique (Joe, Eel, Momo, Squirtz etc...) out there. I will be back with you guys next year.

Chinese New Year is the time to gamble.
Tried taking the chance to spend a day in Good old Genting (read: Casino), but the bus up there from KL was too crowded.
But I had my hand at playing mahjong with friends over at KL. And lost.
$17.00 sure looks like a 4-digit number. =p

Chinese New Year is the time to give/take angpow, and I have lost the qualifications to earn a little.
Its the thought that counts, thats how married people should console themselves.
Having a kid helps to recuperate some loss.

After Chinese New Year is the time to get on with life.
But one should not forget, that you can have good food, catch up with friends and relatives ANYTIME.

About the Author: Shingo T has yet to write his resolutions for the New Year.

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A Suspicious Man said...

Happy CNY to you :)!

Time passes so fast man, It's feb already. Not too long ago was just counting down to 2008 haha.

All the best to you :D!

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