Monday, February 25

Dim Sum Dollies are Hot!!

Mr Sniper gave me a pair of tickets to watched Dim Sum Dollies at the Esplanade.

For the dodos out there are wondering what this new dish this is, Dim Sum Dollies is a musical, named after the 3 female leads who love dim sum - Emma Yong (chiobu), Selena Tan and Pamela Oei.

The 3 hot Mamas, and Hossan Leong

And make a guess what the musical is about.

The history of Singapore.

Yes, you heard it right. But its history of Singapore in a madcap fashion. Since when was Singapore History made so fun?

The 2 hour show started with the teeny weeny island of Singapore, and the famous people who shun it because it was so miserably small.

From Sang Nila Utama, to Captain Jack Sparrow wannabes, to Samsui woman, to Japanese Occupation, Kamikaze pilots, Mao Zedong, to CHIJ Convent girls and so on and on, the colourful musical is sure to brighten up your night after a long day at work.

Expect lots of funny songs and your familiar terms (ERP, NTUC, Lee Kuan Yew, En-Bloc etc...), and all the Chinese dialects, Malay, Tamil and not to forget your favourite Singlish.

There will be plenty of cross-dressing here and there. The Dim Sum Dollies as male, and Hossan Leong in plenty of chabor (lady) roles. Damn, the entire cast are POOKing versatile and talented.

And there's also a live band providing melody to this funny show. Rock the house down, boys and girls!!

This is a show for the young and old. Even school students and their teachers were there as a class - history lesson maybe?

I'm not sure if there are any more shows, but its a great show to bring plenty of smiles if you are running out of places to bring your wives/gfs/mistresses.

And when you see the angmohs visitors in the full-house musical clapping their hands vigorously after each item, one can't help but be proud of what the little red dot has to offer.

What Singapore lack in natural resources, you made it up with talented individuals, all experts in their own forte. Even Limpeh, the arrogant Malaysian also feel proud sitting among all the Singaporeans.

I will love to watch the re-run anytime.
Any more free tickets from any kind sponsors?

Go munch on your favourite Dim Sum Dollies.

Now shoo.

Link: Dim Sum Dollies

About the Author: Shingo T hopes his Wifey did not see him drooling at Emma Yong.

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