Wednesday, February 6

Random Notes 26

(1) I have been down with a terrible flu. Even Wifey got the flu from me. =(
Have been taking plenty of rest these few days, and hence the lack of updates.

(2) For Singaporeans going into Malaysia, you will be glad to know that there is NO NEED to fill in the white card.

(3) Wifey and myself are heading down to KL tomorrow. Yes, we are skipping the house visits to friends and relatives. The angpows to parents and grandparents already amounted to 4 digit figures, so yes, there is a big difference to being married. =p

(4) The recent steep market correction gave me the chance to get some good profits. Who says all is gloom and doom?

(5) 恭喜发财 to everyone (and to you too, HB!)

1 comment:

The Horny Bitch said...

My ang pow in all around 100 only.. :(

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