Tuesday, March 25

Dancing at Bus Stops

I always love watching "Just For Laughs" on NoisyMobile TVMobile. And I love to see how the candid camera show generate smiles and even small laughters on fellow passengers.

There is this funny episode when an old man with a radio reaches the bus stop. He puts down the radio and turned it on, after which he starts gyrating left and right to the beat of the music. As a puzzled lady at the woman looks on, he urged the lady to follow him. With every people who arrives at the bus stop, he got them to dance too while waiting for their bus.

When the whole bus stop is full of happy dancing folks, many whom are just amaeteurs, how can it not bring a smile to ya?

When Limpeh takes over the world someday, I will enforce compulsory dancing for my beloved citizens at bus stops while they wait for their bus. Dancing will keep their minds off the long waiting time of buses.

Ok, this is a little overdoing. Get down, boys.

And we can do away with seats at bus-stops, leaving only a few for the old and pregnant.

And not to forget those who are queueing at hawker centres, to claim their CPF etc... Everyone must dance while queueing up in any way, or they risk being fined $500 or a jail term up to 1 month (unless with valid reasons).

Vote me for Prime Minister.
You know you want me.

About the Author: Shingo T will also like to install solar-powered disco lights at all bus stops!

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The Horny Bitch said...

Haha. If u really become PM make sure we have radio braodcast everywhere and pls play r&b k.. hehe

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