Sunday, March 2

Man on the loose

Wifey will be going overseas this week, courtesy of her great company.

What it means is this.
(1) The country she is going to is now in freezing temperature. We went to get her some winter clothings over the weekends. Hopefully she will be wearing them more than once. They don't come cheap. $_$

(2) Wifey will be happily shopping over there, as she has extended her trip over there for leisure. And that can't be any good news for a cash-strapped man like Limpeh. The only consolation I have is that her money is my money. $_$

(3) With the wife out for 4 days, it means that Limpeh will be able to have some time of my own on weekdays/weekends. It doesn't make me single, but it makes me available again! Available to catch up with some of my old friends. Kopi on weekday nights, brothers?

As Wifey is happily surfing the Net looking for shopping centres places to go to, I am here rushing some work over the weekends.

Hopefully, I will have no OT during those precious nights when Wifey is away.
Keep time free for me, brothers!


The Horny Bitch said...

I'm sure ur Wifey won't burn a hole in your pocket cos it's her pocket too so in the end both of you won't have burnt pockets... :)

The Horny Bitch said...

Simple things like on the swing make ppl high. No need spend $. =)

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