Saturday, March 8

The road to Eindhoven

An IQ question that I got from the forum that I frequent.

Anyone wanna try it?


A traveler, on his way to Eindhoven, reaches a road junction, where he

can turn left or right. He knows that only one of the two roads leads to

Eindhoven, but unfortunately, he does not know which one. Fortunately,

he sees two twin-brothers standing at the road junction, and he decides to

ask them for directions.

The traveler knows that one of the two brothers always tells the truth and

the other one always lies. Unfortunately, he does not know which one

always tells the truth and which one always lies.

The Question: How can the traveler find out the way to Eindhoven by

asking just one question to one of the two brothers?


A Suspicious Man said...

I think I read it before, the key to the question is to ask either one of them,

"If I asked the other guy which exit leads safely home, what would he say?" Then take the other route, right?

Wah hah hah :D!!

smallmonkey said...

i would ask either of them 'are the two of you twins?' the brother who says yes could be trusted i guess??

Shingo T said...

small monkey:
hehe, you can only ask 1 question. Suspicious Man has got the answer. ^_^

The Horny Bitch said...

yah hor... I'm not that smart lor.. hahah

Shingo T said...

I read the answers too.

Never too good at such questions.

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