Monday, June 9

Bates Method - Have better vision the cheap way

Wifey and I were at the neighbourhood pharmacy over the weekends, when we stumbled upon something that caught our eyes.

A pair of plastic "glasses". If you see the picture clearly, there is a black filters to replace the glass, and therefore I shall officially name it the "Housefly Specs".

The accompanying advertisement sign prompted us to try it on after taking down our prescribed lenses, and try the new wonder that will help us improve our eyesight.

Like the good obedient boy (or MAN) that I am, I tried the "housefly specs" just to see how it feels like, and was amazed that I could see thing pretty clearly. Not as clear as the prescribed spectacles, of course, but I can make out the letters on signboards that my normal eyes could only envisioned blurly.

I asked Wifey to try, wanting to know how someone with thick glasses (her eye degree is damn high) will find the housefly specs.

Imagine my excitement when Wifey said that the housefly specs did help her to make out some words. For someone who is VERY visually challenged without specs, I was really tempted to buy it for her and myself.

The price was so much CHEAPER than a pair of prescribed glasses. Its only about S$40-S$50 (cannot remember), and I could get a second pair for S$29. Dirt cheap lor, and hopefully can potentially wear forever till the day I can see clearly with my 2 bare eyes.

If all goes well, there will be no need for expensive lasik nor the need for potentially infection-prone contact lenses.

Back home, I did a little research on this Bates' method.

The founder of the Bates Method is William Horatio Bates (and hence the name), who is a ophthalmologist by training.

The "housefly specs" work because they condition both your eyes to focuc on the centre, preventing you from having lazy eyesight and "wrong" visualisation techniques.

Some scary truths that many of us do not know.
(1) All glasses weaken our eyes instead of improving them! This is because they encourage us to use our eyes the wrong way. No wonder our eye degree go up year after year whenever we visit the optician. Glasses is machiam like heroin to the eyes - make you feel better but make you over-reliant and worse off than before. Because of focal point, glasses are just right for 6 metres. Glasses are supposedly too strong by 20 times when worn for reading, and that strains your eyes instead!

(2) Lasik only treats the symptoms, has some risk in it, is very expensive and since it only treats the symptoms of poor vision it can make your eyes malfunction in other ways later.

(3) Optical professionals know little or nothing about natural ways of improving the eyesight. Even if they do, they probably want to act blur and defensive too. No optician in their right mind will smash their own rice bowl. Thats why the pharmacy sell it - because they do not sell specs. Yes, those selfish b*tards.

Like all treatments, Bates Method is not without criticism. Critics have warned that this method may conveniently deter people with eye condition from seeking conventinal treatment. Yes people, please see your eyecare specialist if needed hor. Bates Method is no miracle pill.

My personal complain so far about the specs is that its hard to see things when its dark. But other than that, I'll give it a try when I am at home and let you guys know how it goes for me and Wifey.

Someday my eyesight will be good until I will pew pew laser.

About the Author: Shingo T is a housefly typing on his keyboard now.


Erin said...

I wanted to know if by any chance you would be interested in doing an unbiased review of our product.

If you agree we will send you a product sample so that you can try it and then write a review about it.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can I check with you if you find the bates method useful for you? I am contemplating trying it. Thanks!


Shingo T said...

Hi cindy,
must admit I didnt have the discipline to consistently try it out. Will post again when I do try someday.

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