Monday, June 16

Name the Disney Chiobu

Life has its funny moments.

At a recent event in life, I actually have been tasked to differentiate the various Disney princesses.

Here is your task, guys.
What are the names of each of the above princesses?
(And I'm not just referring to their nicknames)

Lets see how many actually of you got a childhood.


nat said...

donno, jasmine (I like genie), cinderella (guess), donno, snowwhite (Watched after being spoofed by Shrek), donno.

Childhood was actually filled with tintin and asterix.

si oj said...

from left to right:
belle, jasmine, ariel, cinderella, snow white, aurora =X

Shingo T said...

Nice try. But ya, my childhood was filled with transformers and care bears. =p

wow, I'm amazed. Didn't know the name of the last gal.

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