Tuesday, July 22

Chio (Sexy) Singapore girls?

Some of you may have read the article on Singapore listed as one of the places in the world with the hottest girls.

A recent article lists the opinion of what other people feel about this particular finding.

My Wifey is Singaporean too.


WE HAVE one of the world's hottest climates, sure. But do we have the world's hottest girls as well?

Matador Nights, an Internet travel magazine that claims to explore 'the world's best nightlife', has ranked Singapore among the top 10 cities in the world with the hottest girls.

And what makes our girls so hot? The 'sophisticated, endearing, cute, and sexy' Singlish and our 'smouldering' fashion sense.


The article on Matador Nights has sparked heated debates, attracting over 80 comments.

There were also about 180 comments on Digg.com, many of them disagreeing with the ranking.

One post by Coolmasta89 on Digg.com said that 'singlish sounds like nonsense', while on Matador Nights, another reader, Taste eveygirl wrote: 'Singapore?!!?! no way dude'.

Yet another post read: 'Singapore english is not formal and cute, it's atrocious and obnoxious. Also, they are not 'one step ahead' of the fashions. Their idea of fashion is to wear all white with red shoes, or to wear a baggy shirt and nasty long shorts.'

Even a post by a supposed Singaporean read: 'Singapore's in? I live there and i think that's a huge mistake'.

While netizens were quick to bash our girls, most expats we spoke to here came quickly to their defence.

In a straw poll of 10 expatriates at Clarke Quay, done last week, eight of them agreed that Singapore deserved its place in the top 10.


Five out of the eight who agreed that Singaporean women were sexy said that our petite frames made us attractive.

One of them, French navy officer Jacques Cartouche, 28, said: 'In France, there is a saying, 'All that is tiny is beautiful'. I think that Singaporean women are svelte, and they are beautiful.'

Another tourist, Mr Pero Kunac, 43, an engineer from Croatia, said: 'Venus is the goddess of love. Singaporean women are like pocket Venuses, miniature goddesses of love.'


Many also agreed that we had a 'cute accent'.

Mr Clay Williams, 19, a mechanic from Texas said: 'It's different, and Singlish brings out your personalities.'

Agreeing, Ms Jen Mok, a Singaporean in her 30s, said that our accents made us 'uniquely Singaporean, outstanding and distinctive'.


Another hot favourite amongst expatriates seems to be the rich culture you can find in Singapore.

Mr Mario Kohler, 29, an engineer from Germany, liked the 'mix of cultures and the many different types of women' he could find in Singapore.

Another, African-born Anil Kishnani, liked the mixed-race look that is getting more common in Singapore now. He also liked the fact that communication with women here is not a problem.


You would think that a Frenchman would know a girl with a good fashion sense when he sees one, and Mr Cedric Le Merrer, 32, from France, has given Singaporean girls his stamp of approval.

He said: 'French women like fashion, but women here also like fashion. The girls here are pretty, they have an exotic look, they are sexy.'

Agreeing that women here know how to dress to complement their figures, Briton Andy Jones, 36, a software developer added: 'You've heard of Yellow Fever, right? Many aim to travel to Asia because girls here have brilliant skin, you look younger than you really are - a 35 year old woman can look 25 - and you don't put on weight.'


Mr Steven Adler, 31, an entrepreneur, however, was 'hesitant' to believe the website's claim.

He said: 'I cannot agree that Singapore deserves to be in the top 10. Look at all the beauty pageants. Singapore does not rank anywhere in the top 10.'

A German who wanted to be known only as Mr Andreas said: 'Women here are different from those in other parts of Asia. There's more focus on money and career...'

And our 'smouldering' fashion sense?

Singaporean Andrew Tan was sceptical, but conceded that our hot weather restricted fashion choices.

The account manager said: 'People here have sloppy dressing - just spaghetti straps and jeans when they go clubbing. But in other countries, where they can wear coats and boots, they look very stylish. If you wear boots in Singapore, people will think you are an Ah Lian.'


Mockingbird said...

there are not that many hot girls like Fiona Xie in Singapore. i don't think so anyway.

Shingo T said...

Personally, I think Singapore gals are generally worth looking. Fiona can be hot, but too cute for my liking. =p

khengsiong said...

From what I know, many Western expats in Thailand marry local women, exactly because they are different from their Western counterparts.

Singapore's girls are probably too Westernized. Of course if you ask foreigners, they will try to be polite.

Anonymous said...

Yes, cute... but dawn yang, plastic.

lady chef said...

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