Sunday, August 10

Limpeh has unique taste

Close friends know that my CD collection contains of fast tempo music.
Hip hop dance music, Crazy Frog, Rihannas, Bollywood dance, eurodance, technos etc...

A fellow colleague from another department was sourcing around for Bollywood music for a function, and was surprisingly pleased that Limpeh has a few of such CDs. Saved her the hassle, and I passed her the CD via another colleague of mine (because we do not directly know each other).

A few days later, she came around to my cubicle to return me the CDs, because she wanted to see how the person with the "unique taste" (exact words she used) looks like.

It sounds more like wanting to know who the weird guy is, but I will give her a benefit of a doubt - maybe she really wants to take the chance to thank me personally. Limpeh is a normal human, I don't have 3 eyes or anything, just a high forehead (sniff).

A few days later, she called me, and asked if I happen to have Chinese Opera music.

Speechless liao. Chinese Opera music is a little too extreme lor.
She better not call again ask me for music for the funeral parlour, or I gonna write complaint mail.

Anyway on a side note, after my recent Genting trip, I bought a Thai dance music CD. They have that famous Grasshopper (Cao2 Meng3) dance track.

Now I'm officially hooked to THAI DANCE MUSIC!!!

Music breaks down all barriers, regardless of language, race and religion mah. =p

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The Horny Bitch said...

A taxi uncle played something like that and I didn't wanna get off the car lor!

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