Wednesday, August 20

Random Notes 29

(1) Pinkpau has compiled a list of places to go and food to eat at Hong Kong. It will serve as a good checking list for places and food that you might have missed out should you be planning a trip there in future. As someone once said "If you go to Paris without going up the Eiffel Tower, then you go there for what?"
Pinkpau's Guide to Hongkong
Wifey: Take a look and see what we missed the previous round.

(2) Humans are kind by nature. Its work that makes some of them an a**hole to be with.

(3) Feng Tianwei has a composed aggression look. Time to replace Li Jiawei (supposedly foul tempered in real-life, quoted some newspaper article) as Singapore's ping pong poster girl?

(4) Nothing is more dangerous than an idiot oblivious to his own stupidity.

(5) With the house keys coming around the corner, I am expecting to see less movies outside and more movies in the comfort of my own house. Wifey wants surround sound in the living room, which I thought was a great idea. Any good movies these days? I'm only looking forward to Wall-E.

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The Horny Bitch said...

I watch Lust Caution on DVD on my own bed while on MC with an infected eye.. hur hur.. I wonder how the uncut version will be. Heh!

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