Thursday, September 25


Some weeks earlier, Miss Evil had asked for some empty boxes to contain some of her stuffs. And I told Wifey about it.

When I woke up this morning, Wifey had already packed the boxes in a big red plastic bag for me to give Miss Evil.

When I gave it to Miss Evil, I sang her a birthday song in jest, as if the empty boxes were her birthday presents.

2 of my colleagues sitting beside Miss Evil promptly asked me how I knew today was her birthday.

I thought they were joking.
And then I realised today was REALLY her birthday.

Ok guys, I have joined the league of people who gives empty boxes as presents.

Pretty amused about this coincidence.
Chance of it occuring is 0.3%.

Maybe I should do a little leveraging on my good luck.

The first 4 numbers I see on my laptop is the time - 1018.
These 4D numbers will open for this weekend.

If you win, will appreciate if you send part of the winnings to the newly created "Prada bag for Wifey" foundation.
If you didn't, its because winning numbers should never be revealed.

Heads, I win.
Tails, you lose.

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