Monday, October 13

Congrats, bro!

AT 22:03 last night, I received an sms with the words "Success!!!"

One simple word, but I can smell how excited and happy my bro was getting!

A man and a woman, being on the game of love for quite a couple of years, and now ready to move on to the next level - husband and wife!

3 years ago, I proposed to my wife on her birthday (right in front of her parents).
This year, bro proposed to his wife on his own birthday.

Glad there was no rain in Sentosa last night, bro was afraid it might rain and ruin his romantic proposal plan.

To Joe and Eel: Congrats on getting married!


The Human Being said...

Nice! Yes!

Shingo T said...

Are you next? ^_^

Kikey Loo said...

congrats to ur bro!!

p/s: Thanks for visiting my blog :)

you are the proud Malaysian in Singapore, I am the proud Malaysian in US.. :p

khengsiong said...

"3 years ago, I proposed to my wife on her birthday (right in front of her parents)."

This is like what Chinese call 提亲, but usually done by the parents of the groom-to-be wor...

Shingo T said...

Good to see Malaysians globetrotting around the world. Sometimes I really wonder if after so many years overseas, how many of us will actually return to homeland.

Some of my friends used to say that this was a clever strategy on my part. Using parental pressure to make Wifey say yes! =p

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