Saturday, October 4

Rest in peace, Sir.

I remember you as the man who irons his clothes.
Its the first image that flash across my mind when I think of you.

It has been long since we first knew each other.
And only 2 days ago that I last saw you, when I drop by your place.
Then you said to me "Long time no see, old friend".
You sure felt like a friend that I knew for a long time.

I may not know you that well.
But I knew you were a good man.
With all the inventions you proudly constructed.
Are you an engineer, or just a Einstein in the making?

Seeing how closely knitted your family is.
It makes me happy and also a little sad.
Happy that your family can embrace the sweetness of the bonding.
And sad that I couldn't be a part of it.

You will be sole missed.
After all, which nice guy isn't missed when he's gone?
You may be gone physically.
But when I pop by your house again.
I already knew your spirit will dwell there, somewhere.

God is fair.
Your early departure will be compensated with better things to come.
For both your blessed family and you.
Bless them from above, as they will miss you from planet Earth.

Rest in peace, Sir.
And enjoy life from a better, and higher place.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm sure he would have been glad to know you wrote this.


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