Sunday, November 2

Random Notes 31

(1) I tried to play a nice guy at work. It didn't exactly end up the way I had wanted. Now I have to help clear up the mess. The bad news is that there will be more work for myself. The good thing is that from a process point of view, I have helped to fix a long-term problem for the company.

(2) Crisis are never always bad. They bring about the need to innovate outside the box.

(3) Poor Wifey was fixing the computer last night at our still-in-progress house. She fixed till way past 2am (while I was too tired and fell asleep). Too late to get a bus back home, so we spent our first night at the new house on that night. Hope to move in soon.

(4) Because of the year-end shutdown of the company, I have about 2 weeks of free time across the Christmas and New Year period. Planning for a trip to Hong Kong with my parents-in-laws and brother-in-law. Just when Wifey had identified a hostel with vacancy and a decent travel period with air tickets, mum-in-law told us that her boss may not be able to let her off for that 1-week. Bcak to sqaure 1.

(5) The reason why I have rejected religion so many years was because of my practicality, and my resistance to scheduling. I don't wanna get up every weekend to attend church services, nor go burn incense on selected chinese occassions. I enjoy freedom, doing what I want when I want it.

(6) Mr Sniper has been asking me out for a few weekends, but have rejected him because I have been busy with the house. Feel bad about it sometimes. If you are reading this, give me a few more weeks to finish the house, and I'll grab you out, my treat!

(7) Go check up Kikey's webpage on how the Americans celebrate Halloween. The pictures there seem to suggest that it's quite a elaborated occassion. Hope I get the chance to go to US someday for vacation.

(8) I love telling people my nationality whenever they asked. I like to give people a great impression of Malaysians! ^_^

(9) My neighbour keep birds in cages. And to feed the birds, he also keeps crickets and earthworms in cages by the corridor. Time for me to own some kittens? Hehehe.

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