Tuesday, January 20

Best job in the world!

I was browsing the newspapers on Saturday when I accidentally (I'm serious) came across this ad on the Recruit section.

Best job in the world!

And nope, I'm not talking about Google. That's probably many notches below this job.

And the title?
Island Caretaker!!!

1/2 year contract, paying AUD$150,000 (that's equivalent to S$156,656) as caretaker of Hamiltion island on the Great barrier Reef. Housing is paid for too, a 3-bedroom beach home with plunge pool and a buggy too.

Job scope covers collecting mails, feeding the fish, snorkel the reef, cleaning the pool, and to discover and blog about the island.

Prerequisites are simple too, a good swimmer, excellent communicator and able to speak and write good English (presume being a blogger will help too).

This isn't a scam, its a genuine advertisement put up by the Australian Tourism Board. Selected candidates will be flown over the island for interview.

According to to the Australian authority, this campaign was part of a drive to protect the state's tourism industry during the current tough economic climate.

A great marketing move, I say. Successful candidate will blog about his life on the beautiful island and sea, and hopefully attract more people to the place.

But heard the job gotten so popular that their website burst. After all, they have put the advertisement in the newspapers of about 16 countries.

For more details, go visit http://www.islandreefjob.com.

And if you get the job, you have me to thanks! =p


khengsiong said...

Maybe they should get somebody to write in other languages too, say French, German, Japanese...

No, probably not Chinese. Chinese mainlanders like to travel in groups and stay in luxurious hotels. That could be bad for the environment.

Cherish Tulips said...

Hi there.Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Yes, I read that too in the Star paper and was extremely interested as I've always wanted to visit Australia and the best part is you get paid a handsome salary for it!!!Unfortunately, tied down with so many commitments and hubby will be alone if I go....hehe

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