Thursday, January 29

Random Notes 33

(1) It's pretty funny, how fellow Malaysian blogger Pinkpau is back in US from London, and Kikey is going from US to London. Rock on, Malaysian globetrotters! Show the world how truly Asia we are!

(2) Check out Pinkpau's picture entry on London, featuring the places she likes.

(3) I watched my first pay-per-view last night. S$12+ for a 3 hr Royal Rumble (wrestling). More expensive than a movie ticket, but watching TV with Wifey at OUR home is priceless, k? =p

(4) I can no longer put myself in the shoes of single folks anymore. Why do people choose to remain single when they can be married? Singles probably will ask me the reverse question, I guess.

(5) Chinese New Year (CNY) was celebrated back in Malaysia. Good to see my beloved Granny being healthier than the last time I saw her. She's about 90 years old, but still fairly healthy. That's what you get from a good vegetarian diet I guess.

(6) Someone once told me that CNY in Singapore has no atmosphere. It seems so incomplete without fireworks and firecrackers throughout the night. I'm glad I could bring Wifey back to Malaysia to enjoy the luminous eye candy. But Singapore ban it for an appropriate reason, they could be really dangerous, just think about the Thailand disco fire thingy.

(7) No white, no black, just grey. No good man is a saint. And all sinners have some merits.

(8) Obama does more for the environment in weeks than what former Bush did in 8 years? Good one! Hope Obama does something about that silly America Gun Association too (or whatever you call it). I rather the world not carry a gun, than for every family to hold one.

(9) Horse investment, ever heard of it? Someone I know has won 80k by rearing a horse and letting it win matches at Singapore Turf Club. Interesting.

(10) Lovely quote from Today (the newspapers): When life gives you lemons, turn them to lemonades!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Shingo, I enjoyed reading your post. :)
I'm a blogger friend of Cherish.

Cherish Tulips said... fellow blogger friend,Grace drop by your blog.
On point no.4, congrats for being married!We're in the same club!

Shingo T said...

Hello there, will pop by your site to take a look too. ^_^

Cherish Tulips:
Haha, same club yup. Congrats on being married too!

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