Wednesday, February 11

Watch Kenny shave his you-know-where.

Pardon the suggestive title, thought its a good way to get your attention.

I was reading my regular dosage of HB's webpage when I came across a eye-catching little banner at the left side of her blog.

Clicking the link, I realised that my fellow Malaysian, Kenny Sia is doing a raise RM50,000 for the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society.

Singapore have similar annual hair-shaving charity events too for cancer foundations, but done on a larger scale.

While applauding my comrade's effort. it is also disheartening to see that most readers surf blogs with a walk in the park attitude.

So thought I'll do a little publicity for him on Cup of Ice. Since most of my readers are based in Singapore, and the S$1 to RM2.37 exchange rate makes it favourable for Singaporeans to donate, I'm hoping my insignificant blog can help Kenny in whatever small way to inch towards his goal.

About the Author: Shingo T wants to see Kenny bald.


Nat said...

If only people paid me a dollar whenver I shaved...

Cherish Tulips said...

It's a great thing what he's doing.When you are popular, it's easier to grab public's attention to raise funds.

Shingo T said...

haha, you can quit your day job if that really happens. =p

Cherish Tulips:
Yup. And Kenny's doing a great job at milking his publicity for funds.

The Horny Bitch said...

He raised 65k lor. The power of blogging..

Shingo T said...

Wow, damn fast compared to the last time I check the amount on his website.

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