Sunday, March 1

Meme: How do you sleep at night?

Khengsiong has tagged me a meme with the following title:
How do you sleep at night?

The questions and my replies are as follows.

How do you sleep at night?
Is your sleep affected by the national angst? Do you drop off easily, as you always did? Or does it take a while to get to sleep?

I sleep with my eyes closed. =p
I normally have no problem sleeping at night because I wake up early on both weekdays and weekends. I used to have insomnia problems during my school days, but not any longer since I started working. So my conclusion is that work drains more energy than schooling. How true.
I have to sleep with the lights closed and with no sound. Else I can get quite easily irritable.

What strategies, if needed, do you use to get to sleep?
Pills? Sheep? Late night television show? And/or…?

It is important not to get too conscious of the fact that its late and you need to fall sleep. The harder you try to sleep, the more you can't because your brain is active.
For me, I visualize single colours in my mind while keeping my eyes closed. Its like counting sheeps, but the act of counting is a brain activity. Single colours are brainless stuffs.
Experts also suggested once that in the last 30 mins before you sleep, you should stop doing things that will stimulate your thinking (eg. reading newspapers).

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, plagued by obsessive thoughts?
Nope, the only reason why I wake up is to go toilet.
I am seldom perturbed by thoughts, it has very much to my positive attitude in life.

What strategies do you have to get back to sleep?
I find that sleeping when facing the sides and having your body curl like a hunchback helps me alot in going back to sleep. But then that's just me.

Are your dreams affected?
Are they more anxious than before? Do they wake you up in a sweat? Or are they peaceful, innocent, undisturbed by the general malaise?

And nonsensical - the most insignificant people appear in my dreams.


The rules of the meme are:

(1) Answer the questions.
(2) Link back to the original meme.
(3) Tag others to participate.

And I will like to tag the following bloggers
(though you can always choose not to do it)
(1) THB
(2) Numbernine
(3) Cherish Tulip
(4) Anyone who wants to do this


khengsiong said...

Thanks Shingo.

Your single color method is special. Never heard about it.

I do read book before going to bed, but using computer is a no no.

Shingo T said...

The single color method is the closest thing to keeping the mind blank, I guess. ^_^
The only time I read books is on trains. At home, my soul is hooked to the computer. =(

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