Saturday, April 18

Eye of the ear

Maybe I am no longer young, those catchy bubbly teenage happy dance songs are appealing less to me these days. I have started going back to listening to new age music. Music that emits a more relaxed feel (and not as "boring" as classical music), music that you can just sit on the big couch listening to, and feel completely at ease and relaxed. And let the music feel the empty room (it helps alot with a good sound system).

Specifically, I like stuffs like Gregorian music, powerful Sarah Brightman vocals, celtic and world music, acid jazz (and not other type of "sleepy" jazz) and Era etc...

The mysterious yet beautiful feel of these music appeals to me, never mind that most are sung in Latin or other unknown language. Antonio Vivaldi has once said that "Music is the eye of the ear". It breaks all language barriers, opens up the ear, and the heart to relate to different kinds of moods. Music is contagious to the human spirit, and often, the lyrics or the tune relate to you in one way or another.

When one is alone, music becomes a friend.
Good music is akin to a good listener, one who emphatise with what you are feeling, and does not interrupt your thoughts, it create the perfect atmosphere for you to dance away or to feel nostalgic.

Attached below are 2 of the many nice videos/songs that I will wanna share with you (if you are interested).

Join me (by Gregorian and Sarah Brightman's lesser known sister, Amelia Brightman)

Mother (by Era)

Have a great weekend ahead, friends.

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spy@fic said...

r u sure u are done with your dance music collection?

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