Wednesday, June 3

Hole in the wall

Wifey and I have been wanting to mount the TV in my room onto the wall, so that it will be on eye level when we stand up and play DDR (dance dance revolution) in the room.

So my father-in-law came over and helped us drilled a hole. He's a great handyman to have around, He has been helping us with the drilling and electrical wiring around the flat all these while.

While he was drilling a hole in the room wall, he accidentally overshot and created a see-through hole into the master bedroom. Ouch. =p

That was when I realised the walls built by HDB (housing development board) between the 2 rooms was not exactly too thick.

So anyway, he helped us to seal the hole created in the master bedroom with some of the leftover coney powder in our storeroom.

Anyway, I'm wondering what those wall-mounting TV guys will do if they accidentally created a similar see-through hole. Will they seal the hole back for us?

About the Author: Shingo T thinks wall mount TVs look so much cooler than TVs resting on TV consoles.


numbernine said...

You should find this movie called "Psycho". It should give you some good ideas about what to do with a hole in the wall.

The Horny Bitch said...

TV in room means less sex wor...

numbernine said...

Doggy style was invented with the purpose of allowing couples to watch TV at the same time.

Shingo T said...

Shh... there are kids reading the blog.

Haha, I like ur doggy interpretation. =p

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