Saturday, June 27

Random Notes 34

(1) Anyone feel that too much time is dedicated to H1N1 over the news on TV? Not that its not important, but there are so many other news to report about. I'll probably avoid watching news for these few weeks.

(2) Spend quite a bit of time watching Michael Jackson tribute shows on MTV channel. Pity the company who has to spend billions preparing his comeback concert, only to be met with this unfortunate event. I wanna get a CD of his greatest hits, but have this feeling its probably sold out by now. Guess I'll wait.

(3) Do you know that "Googol" is 1 followed by 100 zeros? That's how Google got their name, to reflect their mission to organise the gazillion amount of information on the Web.

(4) I got myself a bicycle, after the previous one got stolen (again). I shall call it the Bicycar. Anyone wants a free ride on my car? =p

(5) I watched "Drag me to hell" with Wifey recently. The storyline is pretty good, compared to recent horror shows. Transformer was kind of a disappointment - the fights were too messy, I'm probably happier watching the cartoons.

(6) Here's a catchy gummy bear video, not to be confused with Disney's own cuties of the same name. Catchy tune, watch the Gummy bear shake his booty, it makes me wanna dance! This song is also avaliable in many other languages.

Enjoy your weekends, friends!


Nat said...

2. MJ's Greatest hits are usually not in the Greatest Hits CD. You should talk to me and listen to the real deal.
4. Join me in my Bicycar. We can loop around between your house and mine and have fun...

May be we should combine both :)

Shingo T said...

Haha, blast MJ's music out loud while cycle around? =p Cool.

Nat said...

Incidentally, when I am in the zone and am really enjoying my ride, it is not MJ but BeeGees singing 'Stayin Alive' singing in my head...

foongpc said...

I am thinking of watching Drag Me To Hell and Transformers. Which is better? I know you can't compare these two movies, and I'll probably watch both anyway, but would just like to ask : )

I didn't quite enjoy Transformers 1, so will I like Transformers 2?

Shingo T said...

Haha, put your focus on your bicycar and not the music, and stay alive! =p

I LOVE Drag me to Hell.
Transformers 2 was a little too long for me to digest.
Personally, I prefer part 1 over part 2. So if you don't like part 1, maybe....

Nat said...

When you are in the zone, your senses work on a overtime and the nice thing is that you will not be stressed by that. Which means that your reflexes are acute, your ears pick up sounds you did not know existed, your eyes are sharp and you realize your peripheral vision is sharper than you ever thought it was. Your brain is awake and the additional processing power will be generating songs in your head that comes form deep memories.

I tend to believe that you are probably lot safer when you are in the zone and the ride is enjoyable and you get down refreshed :)

Try it.

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