Sunday, July 26

The baker's hubby

Does the woman in your life loves baking?

Well, my Wifey has been VERY into baking these days. And according to the Wifey, I have shattered her housewife dream by asking her to work, so she has to catch up on her "destiny" during the weekends.

And having a Wifey who loves baking is not neccessarily the most exciting stuff for the baker's hubby.

Baking involves alot of equipment and accessories, and these items are taking up significant space in the kitchen.

Baking contains of 4 parts - the preparation, the baking process, the washing up, and the eating.

The washing part is pretty much of a hassle, but someone has to do it. Being the lovely hubby that I am, I am often volunteered to be the part-time cleaner after the fun has ended. Unlike washing untensils used for cooking, washing baking equipment is not as straight-forward, due to the buttery oily doughs coating the equipment. You do not want dough to choke up the sink, so have to first wipe off the disgusting dough before you wash it.

And then for the eating part, I'm not exactly a guy who love bread, cake and pastries. I'm a guy who love staple meals - and that means rice and noodles. But someone has to eat the baked food, isn't it? But to be fair to Wifey, she does compromise a little, baking food of my preference. She did wholemeal bread on Saturday, and added raisins because she know I'm a sucker for it. And she's probably gonna bake again later.
Cookies! Aaaahhh!
Oh, these are not baked by Wifey. Just some random pic from the Net.

And the thing with baking is that no one just bake 1 or 2 cookies, they bake in trays of cookies. The bad news is that they will end up as my breakfast for the next few days. But the good news is that it will be a less sinful breakfast than yummy but oily fried bee hoon.

Though the Wifey is still a apprentice in baking, at least I have to give her some credits for doing a decent job learning from her mistakes and working on her trade.

To see the woman in your life learning and living her weekends after a long week at work, the baker's hubby know that his little sacrifices are worth it. ^_^

Now I have to psycho her to bake less, and cook more staple meals. Or worse case, I will have to resort into "kindly" sharing her cookies around my office in the morning so I can start eating my long-lost fried bee hoon. =p


Roxy. said...

that's so sweet. (:

Shingo T said...

Being sweet has its disadvantages. Sniff. =p

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