Friday, July 24


Nothing binds a group of colleagues like a common enemy.

The common enemy could be a demanding working partner who is quick to give you deadlines, and slow to answer your queries.
Or it could be a client - clients always want value for their money.
Or maybe it could be the boss you report to - one who lacks positive leadership qualities (think Dilbert!).

Well, in my previous company, the "common enemy" was the boss, someone we called Blinky.

He was someone who will nitty-gritty pick on "problems" like the font size, colours of presentation slides and charts, giving some of us the impression that he has to find something to pick on to show that he is reading it. Or telling me why I should change the background colours of the tables because if I print it out in black-and-white, I might not see the contrast easily.

Any slides I presented to him normally resulted in many consecutive revisions, normally cosmetic changes - the way I presented the data. But then again, his meticulous pickings did make me a better analyst in presenting my data in my current workplace.

Blinky was a boss who couldn't really relate to the operations. He knows the macro picture, but he doesn't get the micro portion, which is basically the juice of how operation goes. And he does not readily admit his lack of ground knowledge (though its plain obvious). Despite being treated a second-class boss in the organisation by his peers, he does try to make small talks or have lunch with them. Well, at least he's trying.

Blinky blinks alot - and thus the nickname. And when he gets confused, he will stare at you and start to blink (hey, its pretty cute actually), machiam like the CPU doing processing. We used to say that he need to add more RAM, or upgrade his processor. =p

And we have great fun sharing our classic Blinky experiences and blunders with each other over tea breaks.

I actually miss the good old days of making fun of Blinky sometimes.
Haha. =p

So who's the common enemy in your company? Share with me!


numbernine said...

I call him Blinky and the Pain.

foongpc said...

Haha! You must had lots of fun making fun of your former boss. And what a funny nickname - Blinky! haha!

Roxy. said...

We call our boss some celebrity wannabe after she cut her hair to look like one of the celebrities.But it's true bonding does happen when we are bitching or gossipping over someone, like old aunties. Haha

The Horny Bitch said...


Shingo T said...

Haha. He can be as sneaky as a rat too sometimes. =p Gosh, is he gonna take over the world?

Haha, sometimes I wonder if I will suffer the same receiving end of jokes when I become manager someday.

Never mess with a group of gossiping aunties, be VERY afraid!

Haha, yeah right!

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