Friday, August 14

Crazy geniuses

Here's a joke that was sent to recently.

One truck driver was doing his usual delivery to IMH (Institute of Mental Health).

He discovered a flat tyre when he was about to go home. He jacked up the truck and took the flat tyre down. When he was about to fix the spare tyre, he accidentally dropped all the bolts into the drain. As he can't fish the bolts out, he started to panic.

One patient happened to walk past and asked the driver what happened.

The driver thought to himself, since there's nothing much he can do; he told the patient the whole incident.

The patient laughed at him & said "can't even fix such a simple wonder you are destined to be a truck driver..."

Here’s what you can do, take one bolt each from the other 3 tyres and fix it onto this tyre. Then drive to the nearest workshop and replace the missing ones, easy as that"

The driver was very impressed and asked "You're so smart but why do are you here at the IMH?"

Patient replied: "Hello, I stay here because I'm crazy not STUPID!"

Haha. ^_^

On a side note, does anyone ever realise that the people who are really smart are the ones that behave differently from the rest?
It is so true for people I know. =p


Anonymous said...

"I'm crazy not STUPID!" true. I agree that smart people think and behave differently. They think out of the box.

Happy friday!

Josephine said...

good one...
happy weekend!

Cherish Tulips said...

I am not crazy but am not stupid either..hehe

HappySurfer said...


Here's a thought - smart people are eccentric; but are eccentric people smart?

Shingo T said...

Mei Teng:
Happy belated Friday! Hmm... how about a Happy Monday instead?

Had a great weekend. Will probably blog about it. =p

Cherish Tulip:
Haha, I'm sure you aren't. How about emotional?

My guess is no. See those smart people turning to crazy terrorists?

foongpc said...

I just know one thing. Some crazy insane people are really really smart! Maybe that's why they go crazy. They could not stand the stupidity of those around them! LOL!

Shingo T said...

Totally agreed! ^_^

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