Sunday, August 16

First time caught

When I was in junior college, my school principal spoke during our assembly session about two of our schoolmates whom he had caught hugging and kissing in some ulu (secluded) part of the school. I could still remembered that the principal said the couple were hugging so tightly that he "could see no light between them". =p

So one of the young lovebird tried to downplay the awkward situation, and told my principal that this was the first time they were getting cosy in school. But my principal didn't buy it. And his reply to the lovebirds was this.

First time caught doesn't mean first time done.

It is a saying I always remembered.

Even the Singapore NS (National Service) boys have a similar “Rule”.

You can do anything you like, just don't get caught.

When it comes to work, I have always been quite unorthodox in achieving the results. It doesn't mean I break the law or bribe my way through. I just prepare using casual approaches and methods not commonly deployed by managers. Hmm… “pampering” them with food doesn’t count as bribery, right? =p

I do cut corners every now and then, but in ways in which the building will not collapse because I remove a brick. And sometimes when I make minor reporting mistakes, I will conveniently disregard it, because the effort to correct it and notify the whole world doesn't justify the benefit of correcting it.

For fellow bloggers, you should know. Everytime you try to read your blog entry again, there will always be something to paraphrase or support with more information. But no matter how many times you change it, you will have to settle somewhere.

Quick and good seldom go together. I prefer to settle for in-betweens, giving pretty-quick and good-enough solutions. And to the people I work for and work with, that is good enough.

Recently I received an email from one of the overseas colleague, who discovered something that appears to be a little fault with one of the reports that I sent out. Well, a real MAN will never deny his mistakes (even though he may choose not to disclose them), and so I readily told her that it was a error on my part.

And she replied me this.
"You never make mistakes… so I never thought to check!!! Thanks Handsome."

It's good to know she held me in high regards. But being so nice to me, I wanted to tell her "We all make mistakes. First time caught doesn't mean first time done."

But then that will play down my professionalism. It takes years to build up trust, and days to break it.

So I just gave a simple “No problem. Glad to be of service.”


Mei Teng said...

It's easier to shrug off a mistake or an overlook if one is the boss. But not when one is the employee. Some employees are made to pay for their bosses' goof ups.

Josephine said...

I think this is the reason I don lie, because I worry that I will get caught... So, I rather tell the truth...

HappySurfer said...

Good of you to admit your error. Human nature is such that not everyone admits to mistakes freely. It's better to admit it, apologise, get on with life with a lesson learned.

Roxy. said...

Nice post. Yes, trust is very hard to attain. It is not just days to break. It is within mere mins that trust earned can shatter.

foongpc said...

I like the quote "First time caught doesn't mean first time done" : )

numbernine said...

A saying from my old JC: Boy and girl hold hands, boy gets white slip. Boy hugs girl, boy gets white slip. Girl hugs boy, boy gets white slip. Boy kisses girl, boy gets white slip. Girl kisses boy, boy gets white slip.

(white slip means an entry in your disciplinary record.)

Shingo T said...

Mei Teng:
They (boss) get the cash, you get the rap.

I can't remember what lies I make. That's why I tell the truth.

Agreed. And btw, i realise you have a very positive attitute. So here's a smile for you. ^_^

Yup. Even if you move companies, somehow the reputation will follow ya.

Haha. Bear that in mind then. =p

There's no gender equality in this world!

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