Saturday, September 26

Random Notes 36

(1) The problem with going on long holidays when you start working is that alot of work need to be settled before you go for the deserving holiday. And then there's that big pile of accumulated work waiting for you at the end of it.

(2) I wanted to find some time and write a long article on Network Marketing. People in this industry have been preaching why this low cost business will work, and yet so many people have failed and condemn the industry. I wanna give some inputs and clarify all the myths. Who wanna read it?

(3) My Wifey is going for the F1 race today with her friend. Even with all the barricades set up to separate the cars from the spectators, I can't help but feel a little worried.

(4) So the latest Miss Singapore Universe has unauthorised transactions using her customer's credit card? Gosh.

(5) I heard that if you play your own CD for your wedding march-in, you now have to pay royalty fees, so it's better to choose from the hotel's music collection. Same goes for the music that goes with your wedding video and montage. Getting married is now more expensive than ever.

(6) There are alot of good single men around. And there are alot of good single women around. So why are these people still single? Because they believe in fate. And I don't - I manipulate fate.

(7) I like to give myself a confident smile through the mirror. Confident man are attractive creatures. And damn, I'm sexy (even with a soon-to-be-receding hairline, and my belly). But sorry ladies, I'm taken.

(8) I was invited to a ex-colleague's house to celebrate Hari Raya. It feels good to be remembered by someone I haven't seen for a long time. Looking forward to catch up with him.

(9) Enjoy your weekends, everyone! And don't forget - you are one hell of a sexy person! So flaunt it!


Ai Shiang said...

Note number 1. When I used to work in public practising firms. We all take holidays in the christmas and new year period (3 weeks). But of course is the "ang mo" (hokkien) new year not the chinese new year. So, there is never pile of work when you come back. But I guess, it's not common in Asia to take holiday that long.

Have a good weekend.

life ramblings said...

Random #6:

love requires that special spark between 2 people and i believe marriage should based on compatibility.

Wenny said...

Ha! You manipulate Fate? That's the way man ... take control of the wheel of life! It's yours, so why not take charge.

HappySurfer said...

I'd be interested in your perspective on network marketing. Please write.

You have a great weekend too, Shingo. So, when are you flying off to Japan? I mean, when should we start missing you? hehe..

Psst.. remind your wifey to have some ear-plugs on. I'd stay away, actually. ;)

MKL said...

Fate again, eh? I also think, we need to do something, not just wait. Action is part of life, not waiting.

Weddings... more like a financial horror scenario than a romantic special occassion. Sometimes I think of eloping with ym future bride and marry somewhere on a hill, just the two of us :)

Lol at number 7! Very confident indeed. Now you owe us a photo of you, so we can make up our minds and see if it's true what you said ;-)

Great post, mate!

wenn said...

true..a lot of stuff needs to be settled before we go for a holiday..

Roxy. said...

Fate. haha. I believe to an extend that i am there for a reason for that certain time, but the rest is all up to me. At no 3, what a caring husband, y didn't u tag along?
Yes, please write about network marketing, will be interested to read about it.

Shingo T said...

Ai Shiang:
I'm working in a US company too. Haha, we have that Christmas shutdown too, at the expense of our annual leaves.

life ramblings:
Agree that spark and compatibility are important. That's why we should take the initiative to move on should we not find a fit.

I like the way you think - we are very alike when it comes to mindset.

I will write the Network Marketing post someday. Flying on 30 Sept, and be back on 11 Oct. I'll have access to online when I'm in Japan, but I might use that time to watch TV in Japan. =p
And ya, my Wifey bought the earplugs. Thanks for the lovely advice.

Running off and marrying on top a hill? That's really sweet and romantic, in my view.
I can't put my photo online - don't want you guys to puke on the keyboard actually. =p

But the fun of vacation will outweigh the workload.

I don't like loud noises, so thought I bought the tix for Wifey to have some girly bonding time with her friends.

foongpc said...

1. Long holidays come with a price too! Unless you are already retired! : )

2. Please write about it! I was involved in Network Marketing some time back and I want to read your views! In fact, I was thinking about blogging about it too.

3. Yeah, you should be worried especially if you have seen Final Destination 4! ; )

4. Really?

5. Don't get married and you save lots of $$$$!! Hahaha!

6. Single people are single not because they believe in fate. It's because they are either
a)extremely fussy or
b)don't believe in marriage or
c)don't want to get tied down with a useless husband or a nagging wife or
d)they are gay

Take your pick! : )

7. Ooh! Your wife must be damn lucky. LOL!

8. Great to catch up with an old friend! Enjoy!!

9. I smile in the mirror and I am sexy. Must work on this. Good mantra! LOL!

Shingo T said...

I have done alot of reading on Network Marketing stuffs and have been to alot of such talks, will love to write and exchange ideas with you guys.
Looking at your #6, so which category do you belong to? (I'm assuming you are still single, seeing that you have the luxury to travel freespirited with male friends).

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