Monday, November 23

Busy at work

My ex-colleague, Mr Ghost sent me pictures of the good old days at our former company.

And here's one of the photos of me, errr... "busy" at work, taken many many years ago.

The guy holding the newspapers is Numbernine, if I didn't get it wrong. It was a planned shot, they got him to show the scantily clad ladies to me while another colleague snapped this photo.

My ex-colleagues are evil, but I love them to the core. Where else can I find such colleagues?

Ok, have a great week at work, everyone!

About the Author: Shingo T believes that the day we dread going to office is the day we should change our job.


Ai Shiang said...

Oh, you are so right! Remember when I mentioned I look forward to Mondays? Well, not because I am a workaholic, but because I hated my previous job. So, I change that career totally. Mondays seem happier to me after that :o)

khengsiong said...

Busy selecting lingerie for female colleagues... or as a gift to clients?

Bananaz said...

Oh good at least discussing on work matters regarding some advertising campaign and not viewing YouTube!?!. Yes when you start to "drag" your feet to office is already a symptom. ക

MKL said...

Don't say good all days :P You snapped this pic today in the morning :P

Roxy. said...

U sure u were busy at work?! (looking at the obvious adverts) :p

My work is like 24/7. :( but still love my job. Cuz that is my bacon. :D

numbernine said...

Thats my shirt alright. I vaguely remember that photo.

HappySurfer said...

Cool job you have there..

Toothfairy said...

huh... I can't see the pic?!?


iamthewitch said...

Oh so cute of your colleagues!Ahem whose magazine was that? :P

foongpc said...

Yeah right! You were looking at those scantily clad ladies photos long before they snapped your photo : )

foongpc said...

Oh! Should I start changing my job? I want a job where I can blog and watch TV whole day! Is there such a job? Haha!

misscindee said...

hahaha sure, sure. excuses.

Shingo T said...

Ai Shiang:
Good to hear your Mondays are more fun now. Rock on!

I have re-worded my blog entry. This ain't work or gift-buying, it's personal. =p

My company banned Youtube and social networking websites. Smart!

haha. Nice guess, but it's really taken donkey years ago.

Learn to love the job, and not the company, because you won't know when the company will stop loving you.

It's you, you are evil. =p

haha, wished that was my full-time job. Haha.

Pic has been fixed. =p

That's just a page from the local newspapers.

Go to Microsoft and ask if they want any game testers for their new unreleased games. =p

you got me, haha.

Ghost said...

What do you mean we planned the shot? You were caught with your pants down, damn it! (Or rather, you were caught starring at others with their pants down.)


Shingo T said...

haha, bet you were the sneaky cameraman.

Tian Heong said...

Latest stats show that all men watch porn. so you're part of the normal gang dude.

Shingo T said...

Tian Heong:
Thanks bro! You should be a lawyer - you make every sin seems like an entitlement.

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