Sunday, January 3

10 honest facts about me

I have gotten tagged by MKL to write a similar "10 honest facts about me" post. Not that I bother to comply, but I thought it will be a really good chance for me to show off a little about my achievements, and what makes me unique.

(1) I have a first class honours in Mathematics from a Singapore university. This is something I'm very proud of, but it was achieved at the expense of a social life in university. My 4 years was about studying and gaming. I wished I had played more then.

(2) I used to be very bad at keeping secrets, despite the assurance I give people. I still am, but I'm trying hard to get some credibility.

(3) I laugh alot, but I am no emotional guy. Sometimes I think my self-centered and practical nature has consumed any humanity left in me. There are times when I wished I could cry, but the tears just don't flow out.

(4) Despite being an old man uncle, I love soft toys. Buying soft toys for Wifey kills 2 bird in 1 stones. She like the gift, and I get to hug it too.

(5) I have an elder sister. She used to beat me alot when we were younger. Well, for the sake of "not letting her win", I slowly learnt not to scream and cry when she pinched me painfully. And that explains my strong tolerance for pain. Growing up, she has matured and is now the best elder sister anyone can have. It's funny, isn't it?

(6) I have a memorable childhood, as my parents are out working for survival, and I had the keys to the house. Skipping tuition classes, begging people for money, stealing, fighting, shoplifting, I have done them all. I was once even inches away from pushing someone to death for running away with my specs. Looking back, I was only inches from being permanently astray. Growing up, I learnt my mistakes and became a better man. When you have been through what's bad, you REALLY appreciate what's good.

(7) I hate people who whine, unless if you are my friend. (I forgive friends for everything) Whining is one of the most non-value adding activity, a total time waster. Solve the problem if you have the guts, or just keep your damn mouth shut.
*no offense intended*

(8) I love raisins, they make me REALLY happy. And that's why Wifey likes to bake me cookies with tons of raisins. If you do me any wrong, please offer raisins to me. Cash is also a suggested alternative.

(9) I prefer Pepsi over Coca Cola. But seriously, I am cutting down alot on carbonated drinks (Coke = 8 teaspoons of sugar, or is it 8 TABLEspoons). If you don't exercise, then you had better watch your diet especially if you are a uncle.

(10) I have not consumed a single sweet for close to 15 years. When I was young, I never brush my teeth with toothpaste (no idea why). My dad told me one day I will regret, and I did. I woke up one day, FINALLY realising that my teeth was yellow, and THAT is really ugly. As a self-punishment, and to remind myself that frequent brushing with toothpaste is important, I swear NEVER to consume any sweets again in my life. And I will continue to stand by what I say. After all, most sweets are non-value adding too.

Okie, that's all folks. I won't be tagging anyone, but I'm sure some of you know you wanna share your 10 honest facts with me and your fans.

Leave me a note if you have written anything, so I can be kaypoh (nosey) and read it.


Roxy. said...

Wow ! first class honors! That is like awesome ! My math is horrible.

Oh, so u prefer pepsi. haha, i prefer coke though. i used to have tell my friends that me drinking pepsi was the equivalent of me having an affair. LOL.

Wenny Yap said...

Hey Shingo-T, you laugh alot, that's good but I can't imagine with those bad teeth tho. Hehehe ...

Stefanie said...

Shingo, now I know the reason why you like my teeth already. :D Aiyer, you were so CLEAN.

And, you're so lucky having such a good sister! Hahaha! I always do that to my sisters too! :p

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Wah...sharing so many things with loving.
Good for you.

Superman said...

Nice facts of you. Now I know who to turn to if I got any maths problems. Hehe. I am bad in maths.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Mm..interesting 10 facts.. :)

And wow 1st class hons in Maths.. the only fact i like abt Mathematics as applied to liFe: "there is always a solution."

MKL said...

Now I know why you're so practical and sober, I feel that most mathematicians are. Or maybe it's just prejudice. But you really offended me with one thing: I love sweets!!! :D They add big value to my life. Ah, now this is blogwar, Shingo. I'm sure there will be more sweets-eaters offended. And we brush teeth, you know. And if we have problems with teeth, we have a toothfairy among us. ;)

Ok, all jokes aside and let's be serious: How old are you? You say uncle, old man... Now I think you must be at least over 60yrs.

Ok, I know you wanna be a bit mysterious, but now you have more and more followers (and fans) and you'll have to reveal more and more, hehe. ;)

Ji said...

Wow, excellent achievements!

happy new year,
you deserve the best.

you may enjoy visit my site


have FUN!
i have a math game posted today, you will laugh if you read it...

Anonymous said...

You're a maths whiz!:)

Thanks for sharing those facts about you. It was a pleasant read.

Ai Shiang said...

#1 - you should go to the casino and count cards! :o)

#5 - that reminds me of my younger half-brother. We always fought when we were young then.

#9 - some people drink soft drink like I drink my 8 cups of water. That is scary.

Bananazą“• said...

Great! Having some Maths problem in my latest entry and needed help as Ma&Pa Kettle is so convincing that 25/5=14. TQ

Lily Riani said...

like MKL, i like sweets too, but cutting ALOOOOOOt nowadays, age catching up...ehehheh

i like your #6, in a gist - what don't kill you, makes you stronger and better in this case. now you can go around saying, "seen that, done that".

HappySurfer said...

#4 - Soft toys - Practical (and cute) leh..

#8 - Raisins - I read that these are good for arthritis. When the findings were published, sales shot up on this product.

#9 & #10 - Pepsi is also my preference tho I hardly drink the stuff. Have you tried washing the toilet with the drink? hehe.. Also, isn't this a sweet in liquified form?

#1 - Wow! I have to say it again, Wow! I bet you even dream in numbers. haha.. Oops!

Thanks for sharing.

Bananazą“• said...

#1 I've got a first class hornets in Maths its all buzzzz & blurrsss.
#2 My lips are sealed.
#3 Just the opposite cry a lot even when happy.
#4 Uncle? Age is just a number. I'm 25.
#5 Got one elder sister, no fights.
#6 Nothing near you, but chased classmate with drawing compass in Std 5 wanted to 'kill' him.
#7 Hate is negative
#8 Ah! at least now getting closer, raisins with cornflakes & muesli.
#9 Prefer the latter but coffee or mineral water is best.
#10 You're a very discipline guy, I SALUTE you. Sweets? I do not have sweet tooth. Hacks & fisherman friends considered sweets?

Donna said...

#1 I've got best math result in my secondary school. Scored highest mark in overall average for form 4 and form 5.. lolol
#2 I can keep secret.. haha.. =.=", ok.. maybe telling 3rd party who dont know the person.
#3 I laugh a lot, but i am quite emotional one.. =.="
#4 hmmm... not so into soft toys, if ppl give me, i wont reject la, but i wont buy myself.XD
#5 Got 2 younger brothers, sucking my money to dry like Vampires.. hahah..
#6 I am good girl, ok.. the worst was did not do my homework. =.="
#7 WHY U HATE ME???!!!!
#8 I like cash more than raisin lo.. haha..
#9 dont like sweet drink.. haha..
#10 you have really strong diciplines..

wenn said...

but i can keep secrets.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww...kudos on getting first honours in Mathematics.I've always been horrible with Math. Hated it a lot. But it's weird, coz during my childhood days, math used to be my favorite subject. hmmm... Anyway...It's great to learn new things about you. =)

autumn said...

i literally laughed out loud when i saw donna's comment, "...#7 WHY U HATE ME???!!!!..." so cute XD

wow, you have quite a handful of experiences there. i think ppl who've had it bad in the past can be the greatest of ppl if they make positive use of their experiences to reach out to those who are in that same rocky boat now. it's a pity if they don't and bask in self-pity for the rest of their lives.

oh, i'm suddenly curious, have you always been so disciplined? =P

CheaHS@n said...

I can keep secret very well including your bank pin number and password. Maths makes me mad! Honesty is the best policy but got a feeling you are not honest enough to be called 'uncle' haha. Cheers!

the girl in stiletto said...

whine whine whine whine

whine whine whine whine

oh oops. sorry :p

Shingo T said...

When you are devoid of life in university, your hard work will help you attain first class honours. It's no big deal as compared to a president's scholarship which only a few people have.

haha, that's why I smile more than I laugh.

I wished I could trade in my teeth for yours.

Shakira Choong:
That's what being a couple is about. Sharing and living together. ^_^

Seriously, university maths has minimal real-life applications. The common plus, minus, multiply and divide are enough to solve 90% of real-life problems.

Pink Miu Miu:
There are Maths questions with no real solutions. ^_^

One of the often Maths quote I used come from a Mathematician, Markov. "The future is dependent on the present, not the past".

Being practical has more to do with the way I was brought up. Maths helped me to think logically and systematically, but I find that good training for the brain.

Haha, if there's a blogwar over the sweets comment that I made, it's probably the whole world versus me. You got me into this. I blame you. =p

I'm older than ya, for sure. I remembered stating my age in one of the comments I made on your blog. If you recall, good. If you don't, better!

hello there, will pop by your site for a visit soon.

Mei Teng:
Thanks for hearing me boast of my achievements.

Maths whiz doesn't make me rich. =(

Ai Shiang:
Mathematicians are only humans. I buy lottery and pull jackpots, and have the same odds of winning as anyone.

Fighting with siblings make them closer, don't you think? Now that we are all grown up and have our own families, there's no chance to quarrel!

The obesity in kids these days are scary. And I think the soft drink industry folks have a huge responsibility on this.

Alan Tam is 25 years old every year. And you are 25 years old too. Hmm....

I love cornflakes, till the day I realised that it has high glycermic index (and thus not recommended for people on diet)

Mineral water is good for the body as compared to soft drinks, but be careful should you take distilled water.

Hacks and Fisherman's friend are sweets. I used to take Hacks long ago, I like the orange flavour one, and can still remember the taste after so many years. ^_^

Hello there, Maths genius. ^_^

Suppose your two bros are still studying? If they are working, they shouldn't be leeching on you.

I consider you a friend, so you are exempted from #7.

Can see from your response that you are a very practical person. Keep it up!

Good for ya. ^_^

I guess we changed as we grow. Used to love durian, now I don't take them.

I'm not always this disciplined. Else I wouldn't be addicted to gaming for 20 years.

I feel like an uncle, especially when I know every person in school uniform is much younger than me.

My bank pin number in 123456, and the password is 654321. Don't tell anyone, k? ^_^

girl in stiletto:
haha, that's alot of whining. But I don't hate ya, cos I treat you as a friend. And friends will always be forgiven. ^_^

applePIE. said...

Holy moly no sweets for 15 years is insane! I'd be so tempted everyday - I don't think I could give up any kind of food, haha.

Oh dear you bought a chinese flute but never used it? Time to start searching for that pretty teacher ! Haha.

Old Beng said...

>> Skipping tuition classes, begging people for money, stealing, fighting, shoplifting, I have done them all

Wow, you more tok-kong than Old Beng cos I have done only 4 out of 5.

LilyChen said...

Mathematics is my worst subject, till now I still don't understand why math is so hard to me, even now I still fear math, hehe. I like to laugh a lot, too; however, my mum always admonish me to smile instead of laughing out, because a lady should not laugh a lot. Well, I just can't help to laugh.

I love soft toys, too. Especially cute bears!!! Although I am not young, but soft toys can easily give me warm and good touch, I like them a lot. I can't distinguish the difference of Pepsi and Coca cola, but I will choose Coca cola just because it has Zero kind.

Although you had a tough and memorable childhood, but glad that you're on the good way now.

iamthewitch said...

Really you would forgive your friends no matter what they have done??? :P But it's ok, if anything happens, Raisins will come to the rescue right? :)

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

me me me .. hahahaha u can be nosey le ....

Toothfairy said...

I love nr6! honest and special, thanks for sharing!

and I do not believe the last one, about not consuming a single sweet for 15 years! :P

btw... sweets do not make the teeth stain yellow.. tea/coffee/wine/smoking does...


Shingo T said...

haha, it's no longer an insanity once you get used to it. ^_^

Old Beng:
I always know you were beng when young, but didn't expect you to do all these too. Welcome aboard. Haha.

I seldom get mad with friends no matter what they do. I just don't see the need to.

hahaha. =p

haha, its true. Not a single sweet (except doctor prescribed lozenges) for the past 15 years.

Oh, the dentist has spoken. So I had a misconception for 15 long years, haha. But will continue to stop eating sweets, see no point in restarting it again.

TeeHedgeBee said...

haha. Shingo, I wished I studied more cos I don't have a first class. Thinking of it, I should cut down on social life... hahhaha

Anyway, I should get my old man to read #9 cos he drinks coke everyday and whines when his waist increased by 2 inches... hahaha

[SK] said...

(1) wow, 1st class honours!! cool man~~
(2) i shall never tell you any secret :p
(4) hehehe, are we in the same category??
(7) hmmm, i hate that too.. get off if you are wasting everybody's time doing nothing constructive
(9) nope, i prefer Coke to Pepsi.. i am older, haha!!
(10) wow, you are cool!! i like to have one sweets after meal, to clear my breath maybe.. :)

Sharon said...

haha those r very nice things to know bout u! kudos!
i dont think i can come out with the 10 honest things about me >_<

foongpc said...

1. Wow! So clever! Yeah, should have played more. haha.

2. Now I know who I won't ever tell my secrets to!

3. Laughter is the best medicine. So is crying!

4. Pervert sort toy uncle!

5. No, it's not funny. Statistics showed that abused people always protect and love their abuser : )

6. Wah! So naughty last time! Lucky you did not commit murder, or did you?

7. Me too, I can't stand whiny people. Either they do something about their problems or stay away from me, including friends!

Oh! You can stand friends who whine! Can I start whining now? : )

8. I love raisins too! But if you do me wrong, no amount of raisins will right the wrong! I'll consider cash though, hehe.

9. I don't like Pepsi or Coke unless I'm damn thirsty and have no access to water.

10. Is chocolate considered sweets? If yes, then I am consuming sweets all the time!

Not tagging anyone? Where's the fun? But don't tag me! I hate tags! : )


Kelvin said...

First class honours in maths?! So envy of u in ur studies and having a elder sis.

Manju said...

i HATE mathematics!!! and i studied actuarial science...FML >_< haha
no sweets at all, at all at all!!!???? i wouldn't be able to do scares me lol
ooohhhh you were such a wild child!and one who likes soft toys :) so contradictory, so cool!

Erny said...

15years of not consuming any sweets?? That would take me a lifetime to slowly learn how to say no to sweets. Gosh!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Shingo T said...

First class is over-rated. It's better to have a social life.

I'm sure your breath smells great with your sweet. ^_^ Now I know why people stop breathing when they talked to me. Sniff.

haha, you are already honest enough, no need to particularly reveal anything honest. Just be you. ^_^

I love chocolate too much to classify them as sweets. =p

Don't classify me as a nerd though.

Acturial Science is cool. I smell money. $_$

I guess I got too used to living without sweets by now. Interestingly, I can still remember how they taste like when I was still eating them 15 years ago.

Glad you liked it. Tell me your name the next time you post. ^_^

Netster said...

Hey Shingo T!

1. WOW I am opposite you with this one! I failed my Math! I hate math because my dad force me to learn it! LOL But.. there's a but hahahah I work in a Bank and do calculation for customer LOL! I am expert in that one! I even do financial planning for my customer now! LOL.

7. Same same here but I dont hate them I'll just let them be. sometime people just do it to get attention but I agree it was the laziest manner of human being :) But i am sure you wouldn't mind a beautiful gal doing that to you! No? hahahah

8. I love it!

10. I dont take sweet ever since I was young. I am not sure why I dont like sweet. I normally reject all sweet offer form friends and they got offended sometime :)

Great Stuffs here! Cheers!

Shingo T said...

I'm always impressed with people who are good with financial planning. Way to go!

Beautiful girls can be forgiven for anything.

Hey, it's good to know there's someone in this world who doesn't consume sweets too. ^_^

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

having a swell time reading all about you, Shingo T ! have regrets not paying attention to maths. Alamak, guess some common sense with money does help :)))

Shingo T said...

Keats The Sinshine Girl:
No worries, you don't need an A grade in Maths to have common sense with money. Higher level Maths teach pretty useless stuffs sometimes.

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