Wednesday, May 19

Meeting the legendary Nino and Lily

Nino and Lily are 2 bloggers I got to know, from Slovenia and Taiwan respectively. One day, Nino flew from one end of the planet to Taiwan to another to meet Lily, the gal of his dreams.

Anyway, coming back, during my recent Taiwan trip, I had the honour of meeting up with the 2 of them.

And here, I will spill all the beans. Muahahaha.
*chokes on saliva*

5 things you need to know about Nino.

(1) Nino is a walking history textbook, he is VERY well-read.
And he told me about Chiang Kai Shek and Taiwan history. *blush*

(2) Nino looks shy. His default expression looks like he is blushing. =p But he's also every bit of a gentleman.

(3) Nino got a great sense of humour. You can see that in his blog, but you got to meet him to experience it first hand.

(4) Nino is humble, he doesn’t brag. I found it amazing how we actually connected, because I’m a natural egoistic braggart.

(5) Nino looks REALLY cool in his sunglasses. Without those glasses, I swear I saw gals getting electrocuted just by looking straight into his eyes.

And here’s 1 thing you need to know about Lily.

(1) Lily is made of sugar (she's so sweet) and so so polite. Because of her, I have officially stereotype all Taiwan gals as girls who guys will love to bring home to meet their parents.

And that's why together, Nino and Lily make an awesome couple. I didn't say it, my mum-in-law did. And from the 4 of us, we wish that the 2 of ya will go really far in this relationship. ^_^

I also got the pleasure to take photos with the 2 of them. Nino & Lily, if you are reading this, I will send you the pictures once I can.

And to the readers here, do you guys know that Yugolavia was broken into Croatia and Slovenia? And these 2 countries (Croatia and Slovenia) are pretty much like Malaysia and Singapore, the former is bigger in land mass but the latter is small but more developed. And then there's that little rivalry, especially when it comes to sports.

The word "Slovenia" used to mean little to me. But now that I have a friend who hails from there, you can bet that I will pay more attention and interest to this country on the news.

Julian Alps, Slovenia
Picture stolen from Russel Tours

Hopefully, I might get the chance to visit Slovenia someday. And see nature there amid the snow in winter time!


MKL said...

I'm speechless. You really make me blush this time, haha. Actually I'm easy to blush, my skin is very sensitive, as you saw, I'm not only white, but also the Nordic type, who has lighter hair and paler skin, so I tend to get reddish cheeks for various reasons. But hey, you forgot to tell your readers, that I didn't get any nosebleeds, even though there are so many yummy yum yum girls ;) Oops, I'm not Chinese, I forgot. Only Chinese get nosebleeds :P PS: Btw, how's your nose? :P Kidding.

Really thanks for this lovely post and it's always good to read about oneself through other's eyes. And regarding Taiwanese girls, I think many are very polite and respectful, so you got a point there :)

Mei Teng said...

I didn't know that Croatia and Slovenia both came from Yugoslavia. I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing.

LilyChen said...

Wow, I felt so honored! This is my first time to be introduced on other's blog, especially from other country's blogger, thank you so much! I'm glad that I gave you good impressions of Taiwanese girls, so happy.:-P

Your family are also very nice and easygoing, especially your parents-in-law, even your cute wife, all of them are very kind. And thanks for the treatment, you're so generous!

I'm grateful that your family has a good memory here. :-D

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awwww...they are a great couple aren't they. And I'm so jealous that the three of you finally got to meet. Three wonderful bloggers all in one place. Now that is awesome!

the girl in stiletto said...

i also wished for the same thing. for lily & nino to last forever and a day, that is! huhu. oh mannnnnnnnn.

HappySurfer said...

I'm always fascinated by international relations. hehe... sounds so bombastic.. Best wishes to Nino and Lily.

I saw a documentary showing this Yugoslav old gentleman who is so patriotic to his old land that he has continued to uphold it and even issues visa to his little patch of land where he resides. He plays host to tourists too. Interesting!

Bananazą®‡ said...

You are not alone Mei Teng, also my first time learning about the split I mean for Croatia & Slovenia haha. Will pop by Nino & Lily's blog later. tQ.

Lily Riani said...

you made me wanna wanna purposely make a trip thr... u mean there are other ctry just like msia n

Roxy. said...

How sweet that all of you met. i guess it was an awesome trip for you and ur wife and in laws. heard a lot of sweet things abt you from MKL 's blog too. :D

7-8 said...

You can start by cheering on Slovenia in the World Cup.

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