Wednesday, August 4

The most junior position in a bank

Do you know that subcontracting the search for manpower to external professional recruitment agencies is an expensive affair for the company? More companies are joining the bandwagon to give small cash rewards to their own employees for successful referrals.

It's a win-win situation. The company gets people they can trust at a fraction of the price they pay external HR companies, and no one in the HR department know our own friends more than us. And we get cash award to supplement our income.

My company sends out a list of job vacancies periodically, and I always make it a point to send it out to my network of friends.

A friend of mine sent me her resume, which I forwarded direct to the hiring manager, as our HR department is too stringent in filtering out resumes that they deem as unsuitable for the role.

The hiring manager, let's call him Mr Charisma, who is also a friendly colleague of mine just skype me a while ago.

Mr Charisma: Thanks for the CV. Her work experience is pretty focused on the finance sector. And she is a marketing manager now
Shingo T: In banks, almost everyone is a manager. =p Because pple will call banks and say "Hey, I wanna talk to your manager!" As time go by, they made the most junior post a manager.
Shingo T: So their manager rank is same as our analyst rank.
Mr Charisma: hahha
Mr Charisma: i was just wondering if she will be interested in the role
Shingo T: no worries, she saw the job description. And she knows what to expect from this analyst role. She's not asking for the moon.
Shingo T: and I didn't force her to send her resume.
Mr Charisma: ok. thanks

Keeping my fingers crossed, I want my referral fees. $_$

About the Author: Shingo T is a part-time employee, and a part-time talent scout for the company.


Ai Shiang said...

Many many years back, I've done that too. But I didn't get referral fee. Didn't matter as they're my friends, as long as they end up liking their new posts :o)

Good luck to you Shingo T!

khengsiong said...

I think these days you can do a lot with FB. Just post a news and all your friends got the alert.

HappySurfer said...

Yep, employee referral is a win-win, not only for employer and employee, the candidate if hired also benefits.

Best wishes. I hope she gets hired and you get the "bonus"..

renaye said...

sometimes giving out referral is the best way to get money.

Netster said...

Shingo, don't worry. you will get your reward! hahaha

Buy me Mua Chi once you got it? :p

Lily Riani said...

my silly co pays RM30 jusco voucher, whole co refuse to refer. now they increased it...

RicAdeMus said...

We get asked all the time to send job announcements to people we know, but never get offered $$$ to do it. That is a great idea.

Mei Teng said...

How much is the referral fee? That's a clever way for companies to recuit employees.

I used to be stumped with big sounding designations at banks. A friend of mine shared that those are just big sounding titles individuals have. But in essence that person with a VP title (even for not very high positions) for example at the bank is just like someone holding a managerial position in a company. So their definition of a VP is not the same as a VP in a big corporate organisation.

Iamthewitch said...

Good luck to your friend n to getting your referral! Maybe next time I can send you my resume too. Lol

Bananazą®‡ said...

Wow people get people, member get member and get nice. tQ

MKL said...

I heard your referral fee will be paid with vouchers for your fav food stall ;)

[SK] said...

yeah yeah yeah, i think the referral trend is getting more common now.. my previous companies pay referral fees but not the current one..

haha!! really?? everyone in the Bank is a Manager?? no wonder they have so many titles, the funniest would be Deputy Senior Assistant Vice President.. wakakaka~~

The Envoy said...

Good luck! I actually know someone from a (small) consulting firm who became a "Senior" consultant just after 2 years...but then left

Wenny Yap said...

I think there's a pro and con to using employee referrals for recruitment. I was in HR and found it to be unhealthy when close friends, friends or even distant relatives are recruited to work together.

Anyway, if this is your organisation's direction, best of luck with your $-$.

T(H)(B) said...

Refer me leh... $2000 job ppl also don't want to employ me. :(

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