Saturday, February 12

Back from Hokkaido Japan

Hi friends, how have you guys/babes been?

I have been back from Japan for about a week, but have been caught up with work and other important personal stuffs. Hence the lack of updates on my Hokkaido (Japan) trip, and have yet to visit the regular blogs of my friends.

I will be buying dinner soon, so let me post some random photos of Japan.

Choco the Bear, the bear who accompanies us for every single trip. He helps to entertain the housekeeper when we are out from our hotel room.

Hokkaido is the place for sea-food lovers. Wifey says the crabs are so so so sweet and tasty.

The cakes in Japan are made with heart and soul. Taste great, and looks great!

This is my first winter vacation. A snow covered car. Almost everything is covered in snow here!

Japan is a land of yummy yum yums. But because they are so polite and value privacy, it doesn't seem appropriate for me to take snapshots of them openly.

Fruits in Japan are so so expensive that I always bring vitamin C supplements there. 3990 yen (ie. S$64 or US$50) for a single melon, anyone?

Have you ever taken a train with the vast ocean as the backdrop? It felt so good to be just beside the ocean watching the sea birds and huge waves, alot of people were snapping pictures.

Snow can make anything in Japan. Will show you some awesome snow sculptures pictures another day. And nope, the gal in the photo ain't Wifey.

Take care everyone!


Lily Riani said...

am green with envy... you pic just inspired me to do a poem for you ... hemm..... brain compiling thoughts.. hemm..

Anonymous said...

Hokkaido is seafood haven. I am sure you must have had your fill there :)

Happy Chinese New Year!

lina said...

So much snow!

Ai Shiang said...

Are fruits expensive in the whole of Japan? If they are that expensive their salaries must be extremely high too otherwise, no body can catch up, isn't that right?

wenn said...

wow, snow! I hvn't seen real snow yet!

Jo said...

You’re back! Ok for a moment there, I really thought the lady was the Wifey and wanted to say she looks so sweet. I heard the Japanese melons are really sweet and good but I wun pay that price for fruits too.

Bananazą®‡ said...

Welcome home. Whoa love the ocean while travelling in the train. A place for sea-food lovers presume price also very expensive. tQ

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Rockmelon has always been a "luxury" item in Japan. Even in summer it is expensive. Beautiful shots of Hokkaido in winter.

Jo said...

I gave you an award! It’s ok not to write a post on it though coz the main idea is to let you know that you’ve been loved. =)

Anonymous said...

Y-you w-went to Japan? I'm "green with envy" like Lily. I'm Down Under for the moment....

iamthewitch said...

Omg! The melon is incredibly expensive!! I wonder if it's because of winter? I definitely willbe broke within days there! Lol! Love the picture of snow'!!

HappySurfer said...

Welcome back, Shingo! Keong Hee Huat Chai!

A S$64 melon would be close to RM150. Gosh! A melon here doesn't even cost RM10. Makes me thankful.

MKL said...

I missed your posts and comments :) I hope you and wifey had a great time (I think wifey praising the crabs is a good indicator). I would love to visit Hokkaido, maybe not in winter (I had too many winters in my life), I would go late spring when sakura blossoms. Can't wait to read your posts. I think my first trip to Japan will be Kyoto and Osaka, I can't wait :)

khengsiong said...

This is the first time I see you post photos. Lovely shots.

I wish to go Hokkaido too, but during summer when lavender blossoms.

Netster said...

Iyo I also want to post my trip to Japan lah like this... So miss miss... I love the yummy yum yum there! So beautiful that my saliva drop all over Tokyo damn!

I love the snow!

Stef Jolie said...

Hmm, where's my souvenir? :(

HappySurfer said...

The frog brigade to the rescue? LOL!

Site hacked?

HappySurfer said...

Looks okay now. Great!

Hi there, Shingo! No worries. Blogging is supposed to be at the pace we are comfortable with and fun, lots of it. Cheers!

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Twilight said...

I am surprised that they value privacy with all the loin cloth festivals and nude baths. I am so shy and value my privacy!

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