Monday, May 30

Bangkok is dangerous?

Thailand's famous Khao San Road. Picture stolen from here.

Hi Friends, I'm back from a mini vacation from Bangkok, with Wifey and some relatives and friends.

A week ago, I was told that the elections were coming, and to avoid red and yellow colour shirts. One of my relative called and wanted to forgo her plane ticket, because she was afraid that things might go wrong in Bangkok. We had to convince her that should there be a riot, we will just watch TV in the hostel, and I will volunteer to go out "in the danger" buy them meals.

And then there was the airplane. Airasia and Tiger Airways were not offering cheap enough deals, so I booked tickets for Myammar Airways International (MAI). I guess the word "Myammar" doesn't ring a bell here in the aviation industry, so Wifey had to check the Internet, and convince them that MAI is using the same planes as Airasia/Tiger Airways, and have a 100% safety record.

And then there was the insurance. S$30 isn't expensive, but I found absolutely no need to buy them, we are better off taking the "risk" so that I could channel more into Wifey's shopping spree.

And so we flew last Friday night.

(1) There was no signs of riot. It was business as usual. And yes, I saw tourists wearing red and yellow, and they are still alive.

(2) MAI was a CHEAP and SAFE flight, with one of the BEST FOOD I ever ate on an airplane. Cheaper prices than budget airlines with free meals onboard, and plenty of leg space - Where to get such a good deal?

(3) Insurance was unneccessary, Bangkok is one of the safest tourist destination I go to, be it day or night. Just the basic precautions and everything is fine.

I came back a few hours ago, and all my relatives/friends were happy as we ate and shop aplenty. One of the best holidays I had in a while.

As long as you do your homework, don't hesitate to live "dangerously".
Cheers everyone!

P:S. For those of you planning a trip to Bangkok, consider staying in Khao San area instead of the Siam city area. Laidback area with cheap food, beer and massage all day and night!


Nat said...

So you did fly on an airline on friday. I thought it was just figurative ;)

wenn said...

that's great!

Twilight said...

I have lived in Thailand much during my growing up years and never felt it dangerous anywhere except the troubled south. My late grandfather was the CPO in Thailand, so life was well protected then. You were lucky that nothing happened at Khao San area which often had fights between farangs...

Donna said...

i am going there AFTER the election.. Zzzz...
so we all are worried they will have their yearly routine kinda demonstration..
and then ruin my trip.. T_______T

HappySurfer said...

That sounds like a great w/e. I'd still prefer to travel on a regular full-service airline than go budget unless there is a huge difference in airfare.

I should think travel insurance is more for flight risk than land risk? But then again, if you buy your ticket with a credit or charge card, insurance is taken care of.

So, Chatuchak added a fan?

Bananazą®‡ said...

That's the problem of watching too much CNN where they repeat and repeat the scenes blowing it out of proportion. Glad you had a great time in BKK with shopping and the yummy food. Oh MAI served the best food to you. tQ for the tips.

Anonymous said...

I have only ever visited Bangkok when I was a young child. Never visited it again. Somehow, the city doesn't appeal to me.

iamthewitch said...

My my my, I'm in Bangkok as of now! Since a few days ago! So far it has been a great shopping adventure, mostly from Platinum! Another few more days before I head home :)

Wenny said...

no wonder I couldn't find you in Singapore! i seek high & low when i was there last Sat to Mon ... kakaka!!!

i actually like Bangkok alot but with some unpleasant personal experience ... the memories floods in when i think of going again. anyhow still unavoidable, will be accompanying lo kong for the Bangkok marathon in Nov.

foongpc said...

Love Bangkok! I am surely going there again : )

Netster said...

Damn looking good Shingo T! You travel again! and back! hahahaha

I'm not sure where would I go this time :)

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